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Assistance from Lutheran Social Services of Alaska.

The Lutheran Social Services of Alaska operates in many cities across the state, including Anchorage and Juneau. They are a non-profit organization that helps low-income families and individuals. They offer emergency aid to those that are struggling and also partner with other groups such as the United Way of Anchorage and local churches in order to help as many people as possible.

Too often, people have to choose between paying for medications, heating their homes, or buying food. Too many Alaskan residents lack the money to buy groceries or pay rent for their homes. Other people have problems with their health, using drugs or alcohol, or with their mental health.

Some of the groups that they partner with are the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the United Way of Anchorage, Northwest District of the LCMS, the Church Missouri Synod, and the Alaska Synod. Other churches and individuals who care about the state of Louisiana also donate money and resources.

The Direct Assistance Voucher Program can help with things like food and shelter. The vouchers can be used to pay for things like Birth Certificates, state IDs, life-sustaining prescription medications, and work appropriate clothing. The vouchers and financial aid from Lutheran Services help with job searches, overall health, and continued employment. This means that you can only apply for this once per year.

Lutheran Social Services of Alaska’s food pantry is their biggest help program. The LSSA Food Pantry has a mobile unit in addition to the main Pantry. The center serves as a grocery store for tens of thousands of individuals from Alaska and Anchorage. It offers fresh fruits and other items. This means that people who have a low income can still receive food from the government, as well as choosing from donated food. The organization will also work to offer more commodity boxes from the government for the disabled, seniors and children. There is an application that needs to be filled out. The food pantries are always in need of volunteers and food donations, so contribute if you can.

LSSA is in charge of making sure people get to their medical appointments. The center provides free or low cost taxi vouchers to and from medical appointments. This means that clients can use the service up to six times in one year, but no more than once in any given month. You can schedule a ride by calling (907) 272-0643, but it is advisable to do so with enough notice as space for transportation is very limited.

The Transitional Living Program provides housing for those experiencing homelessness or those at risk of eviction. It can help clients become more self-sufficient and have more stable housing. There is a Lutheran Services sober living facility that provides low income housing.

As part of the transitional housing program, LSSA of Alaska also creates a savings account for each resident and asks that they save at least 30% of their total income towards it. The money will be used in the future by the individual so they have a solid financial foundation when they are ready to live on their own. This means that Lutheran Services will also require all clients to have a job and work full time.

One housing site is the Roosevelt Apartments. This is a home for people with ongoing mental health problems. The Lutheran Services apartments provide safe and affordable housing for low-income individuals and families, as well as for guests of the organization. There are both subsidized and independent living options available.

We offer community programs and seasonal partnerships with other non-profits. There are events held in different parts of Anchorage. The programs include giving gifts to neighbors, Thanksgiving blessings, Christmas aid, and HUGSS and coats for kids.

The Association for Stranded Rural Alaskans will help people in rural areas who are stranded by providing transportation and emergency shelter. Lutheran Services can help people who are stranded and can’t get to medical facilities in their hometown because of financial problems.

The ASRA program can help patients fly into a different city in Alaska. Some people may not be able to afford medical treatment and end up stranded. The money given for this program will need to be paid back so that the program can help other people in the future.

Pico Blvd The office is located at 1303 W. Pico Blvd This is the address of the Anchorage Museum in Alaska. Please call the number 907-272-0643. There are programs offered across the state that can help you, sometimes by referrals. This organization and its partners are some of the best places to go for help.

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