Assistance from Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago.

If you need help with your mortgage payments and are in danger of losing your home, the Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago (NHS) has programs that can help you. NHS provides Chicago, Kane and Cook County, and Elgin area residents with access to foreclosure prevention services, loan modification programs, and other free or low-cost resources. The programs will allow people to buy, take care of, stay up to date with payments, and keep their home.

Many people are in danger of losing their homes and need help. If you are one of the thousands of local families who is in danger of losing your home to foreclosure or if you need a more affordable mortgage, the counselors from NHS have the expertise and resources to help Chicago area homeowners. NHS is the only nonprofit mortgage lender in Illinois. They offer free foreclosure counseling and many other services. They also offer loan modifications that include affordable, fixed, and low interest rate mortgages and refinance loans. If a homeowner is struggling to keep up with their home, it is best for them to seek help as soon as possible. The sooner they do so, the greater their chances of success will be.

If you need help making your mortgage payments, you can contact the National Housing Service (NHS) to learn more about what their HUD approved counselors can do for you.

Services offered by the Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago

The following are more details on the resources offered to Chicago area homeowners:

Foreclosure workshops are a great way for people to learn about the foreclosure process and what their options are. The NHS offers free workshops to those who are interested. The experts will help the person through the process, and talk about some of the choices, which could include government programs and other Illinois programs that might be able to help. They will also start the initial consultations. They will answer questions and provide guidance. The agency can help people modify their loans for free or for a low cost, and can help people refinance their mortgage. For more information on foreclosure procedures, click here or contact the agency at the number below.

Who is able to attend the programs and workshops? As long as you live in the area, you are welcome to attend a session. The foreclosure workshops are only available to homeowners who live in the immediate area, which includes Chicago and Kane County, as well as nearby towns and cities.

What are some other options that a homeowner has? The Home Ownership Preservation Initiative is a program in Chicago that helps people keep their homes. There are mediation programs available in Cook County that people can take advantage of if they are going through foreclosure. Some people may be able to get free legal representation from The Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago. The website provides information on free legal programs, or one can call 312-341-1070 for more help.

NHS staff can help you learn about and apply for other government mortgage assistance programs. This firm has been helping homeowners in the Chicago area for a long time and wants to continue to do so.

The Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago is a non-profit organization that helps residents of Chicago with housing needs such as repairs, weatherization, and mortgage counseling. They have several offices around the county and the city of Chicago. You can call the non-profit firm at 773-329-4010 to learn more about their services or to apply for foreclosure help.

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