Assistance Program

Assistance programs from Des Moines and Polk County churches.

Des Moines residents who need emergency assistance or family services can go to one of the many churches in the community. The services that each church offers can be different and can change over time. Many families in Polk County are helped by one or more of these agencies. The resources people need can be divided into two categories: basic needs like food and shelter, and things like counseling.

Many local churches offer emergency food boxes for the needy and low income. The food pantry will have a 4 day supply of non-perishable food items. There is a limit of one box of aid per month. Other goods such as bread or fresh fruits may also be offered, depending on what resources are available. Every parish in Des Moines, Iowa will have their own form of aid offered.

There are other programs that a church offers. There is no guarantee that this form of help will be more common, but it is likely. The clothing closet is available to anyone in need, regardless of their address. The clothing that is donated to the center is given by the people. This means that the sizes of clothes that are available can change from one week to the next. Finally, diapers and infant formula are offered to families and new moms. You can get free or low cost diapers and baby formula in some cities, but it depends on what’s available.

Although churches in Polk County do their best to meet the demand, they cannot assist everyone. This is an area with a high poverty and unemployment rate, which is why there is a lot of crime.

A Family Shelter is a location with beds and other resources to support families and children. Some locations have a Family Shelter which provides beds and other resources to support families and children. There are websites for individual veterans, as well as for families who have minor children in their care. If you need a place to stay, please call 211 for more information.

A Des Moines, Iowa church offers a variety of housing program amenities, including meals, free infant supplies, and personal hygiene items. A thrift store may have donated furniture and household items available for guests moving into permanent housing or new apartments. The church has a Family Advocate who helps clients become independent again. This can include helping them with the paperwork for rent and security deposit assistance. Also get referrals to community resources and assistance that are not run for profit.

The Hispanic Community Outreach Program is for immigrants to Iowa. It is their goal to help Hispanic/Latino and new immigrant families participate fully in their communities. Clients can receive help from an advocate, support from community-based initiatives, and direct service.

Some churches in Polk County, Iowa provide seasonal services, including Christmas meals, gifts, and Thanksgiving assistance. In addition to traditional Easter baskets filled with candy and toys, some retailers also offer Easter baskets specifically for children. These programs are run by people who donate their time. If you need help during the holidays, you can usually get it, as long as you sign up for it in advance and there are still resources available.

To find out about other programs offered at churches in the Polk County Iowa area, call 211. Each parish provides different types of assistance. Most people only focus on those in their immediate community and do not realize that there are county-wide resources available to them.

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