Assistance Program

Assistance programs in Atoka, Johnston, Marshall, Murray Oklahoma

is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed in 1974 to provide assistance to low-income and immigrant families in the Denver Metro area. INCA Community Services is a nonprofit organization that helps low-income and immigrant families in the Denver area. This community action agency offers a variety of financial and non-monetary assistance programs to low to moderate income individuals throughout the area. The agency provides a one time a year emergency rent assistance for families who face eviction or assistance with 1st month’s rent to help homeless obtain shelter. A food pantry is a place where people can go to get food in an emergency. Head start is a program that helps children in need by providing them with social services, education, and health care opportunities. There are organizations that will help you with your taxes for free. A store that is located on site can provide clothing for school and job related functions. Homeowners can save money on their utility bills by weatherizing their homes, and low income energy assistance is also available. at 415-752-8850 to schedule an appointment. Please contact INCA Community Services, Inc. at 415-752-8850 to set up an appointment. The number for Tishomingo Oklahoma is (580) 371-2352.

Clients in Atoka County who are applying for assistance from the OKDHS must be able to provide documentation that their utilities are either already disconnected, or that they will be disconnected within 72 hours, or that they will run out of fuel within 72 hours. This is a phone number.

The Hope Medical Clinic provides medical care for uninsured patients with the help of volunteer health care providers. The clinic offers a faith-based ministry and is staffed by volunteers. This clinic provides health screenings, preventive care, spiritual and emotional counseling, and treatment for acute, minor non-emergency problems. This means that if you have chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, or hyperlipidemia, the company will provide some follow-up care and management, as well as wellness exams specifically for those conditions. This charity pharmacy will dispense non-narcotic prescription medicine if available, but quantities are limited.

The Chickasaw Nation Human Services Department provides financial assistance to low- to moderate-income families and individuals. This assistance can help pay utilities, rent, and provide free food. The department also provides resources to families who are facing eviction or who are at risk of becoming homeless. The amount of money available is very small. This is a phone number. is a town located in the southern part of the state. Tishomingo is an Oklahoma town situated in the southern area of the state.

This church provides a utility bill assistance program for low income families and residents in need in Marshall County, Oklahoma. The maximum amount you can get from this program is $100 per year.

The Salvation Army provides support to Marshall County and other areas. To make a phone call to (580) 795-7476. They offer financial assistance for people facing an emergency. They can also advise families about when utilities can be disconnected. The food pantry offers emergency assistance to people in need.

This ministry can provide up to one bag of free groceries per week to qualified individuals.

The First Baptist Church of Davis in Oklahoma provides free food and nutritional supplements to low-income individuals on a monthly basis. To reach the church, please call (580) 369-2151.

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