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Assistance programs in Bannock County.

There are many organizations in Bannock County that offer financial assistance or free resources to low-income families. There are two ways that one can go about getting money to help pay for expenses such as bills, rent, utilities, medications, and other needs. These two ways are either through grants or loans. There will be free food, medical care, dental care, clothing, and household supplies available. There are many agencies that offer financial aid or case management. You can find one near you by searching online or asking your local government office for a referral.

There are a few places to get help in Pocatello and Bannock County Idaho. There are other agencies that can help with needs such as food and clothing. These agencies include Southeastern Idaho Community Action Agency (SEICAA) and the Salvation Army of Pocatello.

Southeastern Idaho Community Action Agency (SEICAA)

This is the community action agency that is local and non-profit. They may be able to provide short term grants and financial aid, and at the same time direct people to resources so they can become self-sufficient over the long term.

If you’re in danger of foreclosure, there are programs that can help you keep your home. You can speak to a housing counselor to get free counseling and assistance. Investigate loss prevention programs and services. There are various programs available that can help with things like unemployment and stabilizing neighborhoods. It can be beneficial to learn about what programs are available and see if any of them could help with your current situation.

If you’re struggling to pay your energy bills or you need help with heating costs, there are funds available to help you. There are many ways to fund community programs, including donations from utility customers, government programs, corporate giving, and fundraisers. Fuel assistance and help with heating bills is given to people based on their individual needs.

This assistance is typically provided to low-income individuals and families who are struggling to make these payments on their own. This assistance program provides cash to help low-income individuals and families pay their mortgage and rent payments. Funding for this program is limited, so not everyone who applies will receive assistance.

The community action agency also provides other services, such as emergency food and clothing, food commodities, energy bill assistance, clothing, limited financial assistance, family development programs, special housing programs, and telephone assistance. Call (208) 233-8122. The Southeastern Idaho Community Action Agency is an organization that helps low-income families in the area. They provide resources and assistance with things like food, housing, and education.

Salvation Army of Pocatello

This is part of a network that spans the entire country. The local branch of the organization provides financial assistance and social services to those in need by giving free food, clothing, housing, and emergency assistance. There may be money available to help pay for things like heating bills and rent. Also includes the project share program, which helps with heating bill payments.

The charity also provides seasonal items. This may include giving out free Easter baskets, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas food or toys, and even selling weather shelters during the Bannock County winter months. The daily lunch program provides food and hot meals for those in need. If you need help from the Salvation Army, you can call them at (208) 232-5318 or read more about their assistance programs in Bannock County.

Legal aid

The Idaho Volunteer Lawyers Program is a legal assistance program that helps low-income people with certain types of civil legal cases, including custody and visitation, foreclosures, divorce (limited), guardianship, adoption, or support with predatory lending. There are also lawyers who will work for free on debt defense, limited consumer issues, unemployment claims, assistance for non-profit organizations, and wills & probate (non-property matters only).

Mortgage and foreclosure programs

the Bannock County Humane Society and the Idaho Humane Society. There are a few organizations that help animals in Bannock County and Idaho, such as the Bannock County Humane Society and the Idaho Humane Society. These organizations work to help animals that are in need, whether it be through finding them new homes or providing them with medical care.

The Idaho Housing Hotline provides assistance to consumers, homeowners, service providers and advocates who are seeking housing solutions and mortgage solutions. The hotline provides information and referrals to resources that can help with housing and mortgage problems. The number to reach customer service is 877-428-8844.

The IHFA Housing Counseling provides people who are renting or own their homes with advice and guidance on a wide range of housing topics. This can include information on renting, avoiding foreclosure, exploring different housing options, preparing to buy a home, and preventing homelessness. The counseling is provided by phone, so people can access it from anywhere in the state of Idaho.

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