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Assistance programs Shasta County.

There are many programs available to low income families in Shasta County. Some programs offer financial assistance, while others offer job training, child care, and other services. There are resources for those in need of financial help or free stuff. There are a variety of organizations in the Redding area that offer emergency assistance with rent, utilities, medical care, and more. Charities, churches, and government assistance programs can all be sources of help for those in need. There are various programs available that can help with mortgage payments and providing free food. These programs may be in the form of grants or loans.

The Redding area families and those in the county can receive free school supplies and clothes for work. There are also free services to help with debt, foreclosure, or transportation. The goal of the charities and government is to provide short term financial help along with long term stability. There is assistance available for all living expenses, not just housing, food, and health.

The best place to go for help is the Shasta County Community Action Agency. The agency can help connect residents to programs that may be able to assist them and provide information on other agencies that can help. They can also provide information on state and federal assistance programs.

The utility bill assistance program will help local residents by partnering with local utility and gas companies. Counselors will work with these companies to help residents with their bills. The agency can help connect you with other agencies that may be able to help pay your outstanding utility bills. This financial assistance will help the low income client pay for their housing service so they can stay in their home or apartment.

By paying their late fees, the customer can avoid having their power turned off or receiving eviction notices. This program will help families to pay for essential needs like medication, food, prescriptions, transportation, gas, rent, and mortgages, using their own money.

It provides a $300 rebate to those who replace their old water heater with a new, energy-efficient model. This program provides a $300 rebate for low income families, seniors, and the disabled who replace their old water heater with a new, energy-efficient model. If an applicant needs a new water heater because the old one is broken or out of date, they may be able to get funding for it. A low cost loan with low monthly payments can be arranged.

This program is beneficial for those who cannot afford to do these repairs on their own. This housing program is available in un-incorporated areas of Shasta County. The loans have low interest rates and loan amounts that start at $5,000.00 and go up to $90,000.00. Some common home repairs that people may need to do are replacing a roof, windows, water heater, or adding insulation.

The program offers rental assistance to low-income individuals and families to help prevent them from becoming homeless.- The Shasta County Community Action Agency provides referrals for the federal government’s Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program. This program provides rental assistance to low-income individuals and families to help prevent them from becoming homeless. This service provides low income families with both short term and long term assistance as well as possible emergency money for paying rent. The amount of money available is limited and it comes with rules about how it can be used.

The Shasta County Community Action Agency is a organization that helps people who are unemployed and lack work skills. They offer programs and services to help these individuals get back on their feet and find a job. They may have information on freelance jobs as well as government jobs. This website provides information about employers in California that have open jobs or offer job training.

If you are qualified, you can receive up to 18 months of rent payments. There are other agencies in Shasta County that can help you pay for your utility and heating bills. The program is designed to help low-income and unemployed individuals pay their utilities, which will hopefully prevent them from becoming homeless.

There are other ways to get help with rent besides from the government. Local non-profits may have programs that can help. An application process exists for help with a security deposit or past due rent, which comes with different conditions. The family may need to move into transitional housing in the Redding area, or participate in counseling. If you need help paying rent in Shasta County, there are programs that can assist you.

There are many other options for low income families from Community Action. Some other examples are getting help with food, housing, and utilities. Other free services offered by the government include the Section 8 Tenant-based Housing Choice Voucher Program and the Family Self-sufficiency Program.

For information or referrals, please call the Shasta County Community Action Agency at (530) 225-5160.

The Salvation Army may have funds available to help with expenses such as rent or utility bills from Project REACH. They work with FEAM on this. Some other programs that are available to people in need are a food pantry, clothing, or holiday meals. There are also free Christmas toys given out by Angel Tree, a homeless shelter, as well as free back to school supply giveaway events. Call the center at 530-527-8530 to speak to someone about your concern.

Rural areas usually have fewer transportation options and other services compared to urban areas. They can help people who live in remote areas to travel. There may be many different things available for free, like firewood, rides from volunteers, or a health clinic or hospital. Some organizations in Shasta County offer resources like home repairs and maintenance, prescription drug deliveries, etc. There are programs that can help people who live in rural areas.

The Dorcas Community Center operates a food pantry that provides groceries and other food items to people in need. The people of Redding may also have access to food, clothing, and other basic necessities. The phone number is 530-824-2753.

The Catholic Social Service provides a variety of services that can be useful for people in need. These services include things like counseling, financial assistance, and more. If you or someone you know is in need of help, please don’t hesitate to contact them. If you are in need of food, there are emergency food supplies available, as well as applications for benefits such as CalWorks or low income housing. The non-profit offers job readiness and training to help people in Shasta County, and provides referrals to other resources.

Church Without Walls is a food pantry in Red Bluff, California. There will be food available after the Sunday service. Call the number 530-567-5031.

There are many places in Redding and Shasta County California where you can get free food, such as pantries and soup kitchens. Low income families who are qualified and facing a crisis may receive assistance from a center. The grocery store offers fresh fruits and vegetables along with other groceries.

Some older people may have their meals delivered to them. There are also soup kitchens that provide holiday assistance, such as a Christmas meal, or that will feed the homeless. There are free food pantries in Shasta County where people can go to get food.

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