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Assistance programs Spring Hill and Hernando County.

The main churches, charities, and non-profits that offer financial help in Hernando County during a crisis are noted below. There are many agencies that can help with things like money for grants, bills, loans, rent or mortgage, free food, and more in the Spring Hill area. Some of the goals in the region include providing free food, utility bill assistance, and free medical care to people, as well as helping them find employment through job training.

Low income financial assistance programs

The Mid Florida Community Services is an agency that may be able to help if you are low income, elderly, disabled, or otherwise struggling to make ends meet. They provide many services and programs for people who meet certain qualifications. Many of them are designed to help low income families become self-sufficient or to help elders or disabled people maintain their independence. The programs also want to ensure that people gain the skills and knowledge they need to be independent and successful in the future.

Mid Florida Community Services provides financial assistance and cash grants to eligible households for paying their utilities, rent, mortgage, and medical bills, including prescriptions. The final, and possibly most important services provided are case management, information, referral to other programs, and counseling. To get more information about this agency, you can either call them at (352) 796-1425, or click on the “more information” button.

Hernando County Salvation Army

This charity helps thousands of people every year by running different programs. Some of the things they offer at this organization include crisis and emergency assistance, such as food (they also provide USDA food and have an on site food pantry), blankets, electric heaters, and prescription medications. The Salvation Army in Hernando County provides limited FEMA and government funds to pay utility bills. The Spring Hill center is the main center and can be called at (352) 666-9009. The Salvation Army in Hernando County provides assistance to those in need. This assistance may include food, clothing, and other items. The Salvation Army also provides financial assistance to help with bills and other expenses.

Additional financial support

The programs below are all offered by Mid Florida Community Services, Inc. The number for the Florida Department of Health in Hernando County is (352) 796-1425.

Low income home energy assistance program (LHEAP)

This is a government program that provides an annual benefit to eligible low to moderate income qualified households. The money will help them pay for their energy bills and other costs. Payments for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) go directly to the applicant’s power company or energy supplier, rather than to the applicant themselves. There are programs that can help with paying utility bills. These programs may provide financial assistance or discounts on services.

General financial assistance

The Community Block Grant program provides services and resources to low income individuals, the elderly, and the disabled. The counselors will help the applicant become independent and self-sufficient over time. This could involve helping them find a job, and getting their finances and credit back in order.

(MF) At the same time that Mid Florida Community Services, Inc. (MF) This means that the government will help you pay your bills for a short period of time. This includes help with energy costs, housing, medications, rent, and some expenses related to getting or keeping a job, training, or education. Both case management and counseling are provided at the same time.


The goal of the Hernando County Weatherization Assistance Program is to reduce monthly energy bills and help people save money. They improve the energy efficiency of the home in order to reduce the amount of energy that is needed to heat and cool the home. This can be done by improving the insulation of the home, sealing up any gaps or cracks that allow heat or cool air to escape, and by installing energy efficient windows and doors. The program is offered for free.

Call Mid Florida Community Services, Inc. The phone number is (352) 796-1425.

Help with bills and food in Hernando County

The Hernando County Section 8 Voucher Program is a federal government program that assists families with paying their rent from housing vouchers and placing people into affordable, private homes and apartments. Local residents who receive government vouchers to help with rent will still be able to find housing in different areas. The residents will use the vouchers to help pay for their rent. This means that the government will help pay for rent expenses. The address is 1661 Blaise Dr., Brooksville, Florida 34601 and the phone number is (352) 754-4160.

There are several agencies that may provide limited funds for rent. There are organizations that focus on solving the housing issue across the region, so they may offer emergency rental assistance, money for a security deposit, or just eviction prevention advice. The Hernando County Rental Assistance Program provides financial assistance to eligible residents who are unable to pay their rent due to a temporary financial hardship.

The food pantry at First United Methodist Church in Spring Hill offers canned goods and other essential items. Publix gives out bread and baked goods to people in need twice a month. The food is either donated by generous people or bought in bulk from Suncoast Harvest Food Bank. The food items are given to people who have a low income or who are seniors. The address is 9344 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill, FL 34608, and the phone number is (352) 683-2600.

Catholic Charity social services can help people who don’t have enough money to live. The majority of assistance is typically for essential needs like clothing, food, or access to a low-cost thrift store. However, the charity may be able to help with some financial aid to pay bills or a security deposit. There are many ways to get funding, including loans, for low income families in Brooksville, Spring Hill, and across the county. Hernando County Catholic Charities provides assistance to those in need, regardless of their religion. Services include food pantries, clothing assistance, utility assistance, and more. The organization also provides referrals to other agencies for services such as housing, medical care, and financial assistance.

The Christian Fellowship Church in Brooksville has a food pantry where people can go to get food. Call this number: (352) 799-7855

Calvary Church of the Nazarene is a food pantry that provides food for the needy in the community. This is a call for people to bring in fruits, vegetables, rice, and other products. The address is 235 Cobblestone Drive, Spring Hill, FL 34606 and the phone number is (352) 683-0587.

A food pantry is a place where people can go to get food. The food pantry at Dayspring Presbyterian Church is a place where people can go to get food. The main phone number for this business is (352) 686-9392. This places may also serve free holiday meals.

The Barn Food Pantry at Jericho Road Ministries provides free or low cost food and groceries to needy residents of Hernando County. The food pantry at 1163 Howell Ave in Brooksville, FL is open Monday-Friday from 9am to 4pm. Dial (352) 799-2912 x112 for more information, or click here to find more food pantries in Florida.

There are extra food pantries in Hernando County. The staff at the food bank not only gives out free groceries, but also helps direct families to other food assistance programs like food stamps and free school lunch programs. To continue on, please press the button below.

Medical services

The Hernando County Health Department provides health care services from its Specialty Care Clinic. Wacker The facility is located at 300 S. Wacker Drive. The address for the Brooksville, Florida location is Main Street, Brooksville, Florida 34601 and the phone number for this location is (352) 540-6800 x82022. This location provides many different types of healthcare services such as pediatric care, primary adult care, prenatal care, specialty medicine, and dental care. Medical professionals will provide services such as x-rays, blood tests, and health education. They may also offer services such as nutrition counseling. -Many programs have different fees depending on how much money someone makes and if they have insurance or not.

The program offers HIV/AIDS diagnosis for people who are HIV positive. The clinic offers services that include nutritional counseling and referrals, medical and dental care, case management, and referrals. This information is also helpful for people who take care of the person with the illness, their families, and their friends.

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