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Atlanta assistance programs.

There are some programs that are just for the city. There are other assistance programs that cover both Atlanta and Fulton County. This website provides a tool for users to rephrase text.

Food, jobs, and rent assistance

One group offers many different types of help. This is a place for people to go for help. Atlanta Emergency Aid Ministry helps people in need by working with other organizations in the Atlanta area, including Aid Atlanta, Grady Health Systems, and the Hunger Hotline. They provide assistance with several basic needs, including food.

The food assistance that is provided comes from businesses and everyday people like you donating or purchasing items. This ministry in Atlanta provides emergency assistance to people who need rent help, transportation to jobs, groceries and food, job counseling, referrals, and job training. There are other food banks in Atlanta.

The best agency to call in Atlanta for help would be the Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority. The Community Action Agency is a local organization that helps low-income, working-poor, and unemployed people in the area. To get a listing and information on programs and resources offered, dial (404) 320-0166. In addition to working with government agencies, they also partner with many charities and non-profits throughout the city to coordinate housing programs. For a more extensive listing of Atlanta emergency rent assistance programs, click here.

Help with rent and prevent evictions in Atlanta

Atlanta will receive money from the government to help fund projects that will provide residents with help paying rent. There may also be money available to help with security deposits or other expenses related to housing. The money from the grants is supposed to go towards stopping people from becoming homeless and getting kicked out of their homes.

The federal funds may be used for many different types of housing assistance, like giving short-term or medium-term rental assistance. The money can also be used to help someone move to a more convenient location. The funds may also be used for credit counseling, mediation, utility and cooling bill payments, case management, and other moving cost assistance.

The government money is meant to be used to stop evictions and help families and individuals that would be homeless stay in their apartments or homes.

For more information on local Atlanta community action groups or the Salvation Army, please contact (404) 753-1330.

Additional resources

This is just a small portion of the resources available in the city. There are many other programs that operate both in the city and in the entire county. The list of possible assistance that may be provided includes items such as clothing, free food, a place to stay (transitional housing), and help with bills (funds for utility bills), among other things. Many of these programs focus on providing housing assistance, both for renters and homeowners.

There are many non-profit organizations in Atlanta and the county that can help low income residents get government benefits and financial assistance. There are other programs in Fulton County that can help you.

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