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Atlanta Georgia free fans.

The Salvation Army in Fulton County and the greater Atlanta region provides free fans and other cooling relief to families who need help. The organizations are working together to help people stay cool during the hot and humid summer in Georgia.

When the temperature gets really hot, a lot of different organizations give out free electric and box fans to people in need. All items provided are free, and can be picked up from any of their three primary Metro Atlanta locations. From time to time, they may be able to provide cash to pay cooling bills if you face a shut off, or gently used air conditioners may be offered. The amount of help that a non-profit can give depends on how much money it has and how many donations it has received.

The organization also provides cooling centers for fans in Atlanta. The Salvation Army location at 3455 Sugarloaf Parkway is just one example of a cooling station that will be open to the public. The stations will usually be open from the early afternoon until 5pm, and people of all walks of life and income can come in and get relief from the hot summer and what are sometimes triple digit temperatures. The Atlanta location at 967 Dewey Street SW will also offer a cooling center, a mobile canteen, fans and ice cream to those who need to get out of the sun and heat. The Decatur, Georgia cooling station will be located at 3500 Sherrydale Lane. Volunteers will be on hand to distribute electric fans to those in need.

This means that elderly people in Atlanta, as well as families with young children, are more likely to suffer from the heat, especially if they don’t have an air conditioner. The Salvation Army has programs that can help individuals who are struggling. They tend to be at the forefront for any opportunities for financial aid.

The non-profit will also sometimes deploy several of their canteens to go into the community to provide water and other support to those people who want a place to visit that is cooler than outside and enjoy a cold glass of water.

The Salvation Army in Decatur and Atlanta also works with generous individuals and churches in the Fulton County community to provide help and resources. The fans are usually given to various centers and charities based upon their service needs and the demand from that area. The Lawrenceville location may have 50 fans, and Atlanta may have 400 fans to distribute. The reason for this discrepancy is because the population and number of requests are higher in Atlanta than in Lawrenceville.

The Salvation Army is always working to help low income and struggling people by meeting their basic needs. The non-profit has a lot of experience with helping and dealing with people in the community. Every person in the region, regardless of age, wealth, or housing status, deserves a place to stay cool and hydrated during the summer.

Fulton County locations for fans, cooling help, and air conditioners.

The Salvation Army has a free fan and cooling station available at 3500 Sherrydale Lane in Decatur, Georgia.

The Ray and Joan Kroc Center Community Center is a facility that provides ice cream, mobile canteen, and fans to the community. It is located at 967 Dewey Street SW in Atlanta, GA.

The Salvation Army in Lawrenceville provides a cooling station and fan program. This is the address of Sugarloaf Parkway in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

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