Assistance Program

Atlantic County Salvation Army financial assistance and basic needs.

The Salvation Army’s resources are limited and change during the year, but the Atlantic County centers do their best to help low-income families and individuals. Most of what they offer in Atlantic City will be for things like food or clothing, as well as referrals. However, the non-profit may have financial aid available to help pay bills and other expenses, including a partial rent payment.

Services are available to help those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Other charities and churches in Atlantic County New Jersey can often help coordinate emergency shelters and transitional housing. There are also shelters that are specifically for veterans, children, and single parents. The facilities are many and varied.

The guests at the center will be given free meals, clothes, and hygiene items. Some other things that the transitional housing can help you with are finding a job, getting training, becoming more independent, and learning how to manage your money. The Salvation Army is working to help find housing for this person in New Jersey.

The Salvation Army tries to make people happy during the holidays in Mays Landing and Atlantic County. They will have everything from free Thanksgiving meals and food boxes to Christmas assistance. This means that the non-profit will provide help to whoever needs it first and that the help available depends on donations.

Children from the county may receive free gifts or toys for Christmas. There are programs that deliver free meals to senior citizens and the homebound around the holidays, and there may also be volunteers that visit people in nursing homes. The two main programs offered in Atlantic County are the Angel Tree program and the Adopt a Family program. Both programs open for enrollment during the fall.

Adopt-A-Family is when someone helps low income families by giving them presents and food during holidays. Children will get free gifts or clothes and more. The whole family can get help with food and other things.

Some food pantries in Atlantic County will help make sure that low-income families and children have enough to eat. The centers have volunteers and use donations to help those that are less fortunate meet emergency needs such as canned goods, baby formula, hot meals, and all sorts of food. This means that people who go to these pantries can choose which food items they want, rather than being given a pre-made bag or box of food. Some pantries may also have other basic needs such as clothing or free school supplies for children.

Emergency aid may be available at certain times of the year for people who are struggling to pay for their bills. The Salvation Army will help people who are in danger of becoming homeless by giving them money to pay for things like rent or utility bills. There are many programs available to help low-income families, and the Salvation Army case workers are very effective at offering this information and referrals to the programs.

The first people to ask for the money will get it, there is not a lot of it, and you must meet certain requirements to qualify. The main purpose of the funds is to assist residents who are experiencing a one-time emergency, rather than a long-term problem.

The Salvation Army provides assistance to seniors in Atlantic County. This demographic is growing, so there is more focus on offering referrals and other support to them. Senior citizens can get help from their local senior center or from the Agency on Aging office, which is a partner of the Salvation Army. There are also meal delivery services in Atlantic county New Jersey.

The county’s main support center can be contacted at (609) 344-0660, and is located at 22 S Texas Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401. If the location can’t help, the next step would be to get referrals and suggestions.

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