Assistance Program

Baraga, Houghton, and Keweenaw County assistance programs.

There are a few agencies and programs that can help with bills if you are struggling. Low-income families and others can receive assistance from resources in the form of food, emergency financial aid, and other forms of support. There is information available on government assistance and other non-profit organizations in the region for those who qualify.

The Baraga-Houghton-Keweenaw Community Action Agency is a top organization in the area that helps people in need. The organization provides mostly referrals and case managers to direct people in need to other resources.

There is information available about government-funded energy assistance programs, like LIHEAP and weatherization. They can also help people when it comes to applying for public assistance, such as getting food stamps. This organization is committed to addressing the root causes of poverty in communities across the nation.

The non-profit can offer boxes of food containing a variety of dry and frozen food. Each box weighs 35-40 pounds. They may also give out fresh fruits or vegetables when available, but this is less common. Get help with information, referrals, resources, and signing up for the kinship care program.

The school’s address is 926 Dodge Street, Houghton, Michigan 49931-1944. To make an appointment for intake, please dial 906-482-5528. The Post Office Basement in Calumet, Michigan is a great place to buy stamps and postal supplies. They also offer a wide variety of other services, including package shipping and handling, money orders, and more.

Each county is supported by a social service office from the Department of Human Services. There are a few different programs available to people who meet the requirements. The government can give money to families and individuals who are in a tough situation. Some of the services that may be covered under this program include, but are not limited to, mortgage and tax payments to help avoid homelessness. If you’re in need of rental assistance, there may be an emergency fund you can tap into. This means that you can get money from the government to help pay for repairs on your home, and you won’t have to pay much interest on the loan. This means that if your home is destroyed by a fire or other disaster, you may be able to get new appliances and furniture. Some of them may require an application process. There are other programs that can help with heating bills, utility bills, and burial/cremation costs. Some of these programs may require an application process.

The local human services office can help with meeting basic needs. This is a site where you can apply for the Food Assistance Program (FAP) or TANF/ Family Independence Program. Michigan is working to make sure that low-income residents have access to health care by providing programs such as Medicaid. If someone does not qualify for Medicaid, there may be other State Health Care Programs available to them.

The state will provide workers with potential jobs in Houghton County and other areas. There are resources available through the Job Navigator program and the Adult Community Placement Program that can help with this.

The Baraga County Department Of Human Services is located on Main Street. Please call (517) 373-0707. The Houghton County Department of Human Services is located at 200 Quincy Street in Hancock, Michigan 49930. The telephone number for this location is (517) 373-0707. The Keweenaw County Department Of Human Services is located on Highway US 41 in Mohawk, Michigan. The number to reach the phone is 517-373-0707

The Saint Vincent De Paul Society Diocesan Council also serves the region, including Baraga County. This organization provides assistance to those in need, including food, clothes, and financial help. The charity is a group of local churches and volunteers who help people who are poor, old, and don’t have a job. The agency may be able to help low-income individuals and families in an emergency by giving them a voucher. The also have a store where people can buy used products that are still in good condition. This includes clothes, household items, and furniture. The locations are: -14 South Main Street, L’ Anse, MI 49946 -204 Quincy, Hancock, Michigan 49930

Regional clothing banks provide families with items such as clothing, shoes, and other essentials. Depending on what has been donated to the non-profit centers, families may receive clothes, furniture, or personal hygiene items. Some people receive items for free from others who no longer want or need them. These items are usually in good condition and can be used again. This is a great way to get things you need without spending any money. There are income limits and other conditions that must be met. The Houghton and Keweenaw clothing closets are places where people can go to get clothing that they need.

The Salvation Army of Hancock, Michigan, provides several programs to help people in need. These programs include financial assistance for bills and rent, a food pantry, and clothing assistance. The primary resource is emergency utility and heating assistance to low income individuals who are at risk of having their utilities disconnected. Other types of financial assistance that can be provided include help with paying for prescription medications and vouchers to cover healthcare expenses. The organization also provides holiday assistance to children and seniors in the form of Christmas gifts and Thanksgiving meals. There are other resources to help prevent homelessness, like thrift stores, and more. 408 Ravine Street is an address in Hancock, MI. The phone number associated with this address is (906) 482-3420.

The Copper Country Christian Fellowship is a food pantry located at 201 5th Street in Calumet. They operate programs that collect food products through canned food drives, donations, food bank programs or direct purchase. All items are given to people who are in a difficult or dangerous situation. This is a phone number.

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