Assistance Program

Bartholomew, Jackson, and Decatur County area Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army is one of the region’s largest organization that is focused on helping those in need. They provide assistance to the low income and working poor through a variety of services. Resources are spread across the region, with some in Bartholomew and Jackson counties, but others in other areas as well. Sometimes the Salvation Army has money to help pay for things like rent, heat, medicine, and other things people need.

The main Corp Center is located at 2525 Illinois St, Columbus. The phone number is (812) 372-7118. An additional branch of this company is located at 4856 Norwood Dr, Columbus, (812) 375-9153, as well as at 136 E Washington St in Shelbyville, Indiana. To reach customer service for assistance, dial (317) 398-3771.

The Salvation Army’s services always increase during Christmas and the holidays. Community members can donate to Red Kettles to help those in need during the fall and winter. They raise money for things like holiday meals, toys, and financial assistance programs.

If you are a low income family in Bartholomew County, you can get help with things like food and presents during Thanksgiving and Christmas. This can include free holiday programs for toys and food, such as Angel Tree or Adopt-a-Family.

The Salvation Army operates a large holiday toy and food distribution program across the nation and in Indiana. In Shelby County, and the surrounding region, winter coats, food, hot meals, and toys are distributed to thousands of families in need. Working poor and lower income families must sign up and apply to get help.

There is financial aid available that can help with utility and heating bills. The amount of money available for this varies depending on the time of year and the availability of government funding and grants. Community members, local businesses, and even utility companies contribute money to help support the cause.

Housing needs can be met as well. If you are facing eviction because of a short-term crisis, you may be able to get money to help pay your rent. The applicant needs to have a plan to improve their current situation. The Salvation Army provides funding and cash assistance to help families in emergency situations. The aid is not long-term or charity care.

Food pantries and soup kitchens in Bartholomew, Decatur, and Shelby County, Indiana will help to provide food for those who are hungry. If you are a senior or student, you may be able to get food and groceries for free or at a reduced cost. The Salvation Army may also partner with other local charities and non-profits, including even churches, in an effort to help those who are not as fortunate. The many feeding programs offer food, help, and even food stamp applications to families who are struggling to find their next meal.

There are many different programs available for seniors, such as Meals on Wheels and emergency food boxes. These programs can help seniors get the food they need, and are often very affordable. This can also include a warm meal, visits from a kind driver, and general companionship. Some Salvation Army centers may also have areas where people can come to eat together. The food given out for free will have all the nutrients that are supposed to be in food according to the USDA.

If you are in an emergency situation and need help, disaster services are available. Salvation Army is always ready to help during disasters. This means that they are usually the first organization to provide aid after a disaster or crisis. They can help people who are in need of assistance, provide guidance and support, and offer psychological help to individuals and families. They may also work with the American Red Cross as needed. The organizations may provide free or lightly used clothing, food, vouchers for essential needs, and furniture to help improve the lives of victims.

Most centers try to help with people’s basic needs. Most of this can only be done by making an appointment. Some of the services that are offered are clothes, food, school supplies, and vouchers for medication. Some organizations may offer free or low-cost clothes to people in need. Local clothing closets or Salvation Army run thrift stores may have clothes available.

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