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Baton Rouge Catholic Charities direct assistance and employment programs.

Catholic Charities in Baton Rouge offers a variety of services that mostly focus on helping families and individuals who are in a crisis situation. They try to address the root cause of the problem and provide stability for the long term. There are many programs available to help people in need, including programs for finding a job, immigration resources, and programs for seniors.

A resource known as Direct Assistance is offered for families and individuals who are struggling with a difficult situation. This Catholic Charity program offers services such as financial literacy classes, mental health counseling, vocational counseling, and referrals to other non-profit organizations and government agencies. The referrals may include information on more financial assistance oriented programs, such as section 8 vouchers, energy/cooling bill assistance from LIHEAP, and more.

There are many employment services available, including the Senior Employment Program, Job Services, and Staffing Solutions. Skills and jobs are important for financial stability.

Catholic Charities will help you assess your current job skills and figure out what you need to do to start your job search. Get referrals from local employers who may have open positions and are looking for employees. The center will also provide workshops on how to improve your resume, how to ace an interview, and how to find job openings.

The Senior Employment Program is a government-sponsored program that helps older adults find jobs. This support is for people who are aged 55 or older. Catholic Charities can help older workers by providing services and support to help them overcome the challenges they may face. This may include providing financial assistance, job training, and other support services.

If you are trying to reenter the workforce, even from a retirement, people can receive assistance and learn new job skills. They can also get help in finding a permanent position. There are many jobs available at non-profit or government agencies in Baton Rouge. The Senior Employment Program will help people learn how to search for jobs, interview, and write resumes. The program will have weekly workshops to help people improve these skills.

The Family Achievement Center is located in the area. It provides educational and training sessions with the aim of helping people become independent. Our organization provides a variety of services to help people in our community, including educational programs for first-time home-buyers, support groups for vulnerable populations, family strengthening activities, and budgeting classes. Please contact the center at 225-336-4406 for more information, or visit us at 1900 South Acadian Thruway, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Other programs and services offered by Catholic Charities are available to those who qualify in Tangipahoa Parish.

Mental health counseling is a type of therapy that is provided by licensed and trained social workers. This type of therapy can help people who are struggling with mental health issues. This service is available to low-income people of all faiths and religions. The counselors at this facility are experienced in helping people who have gone through a disaster, as well as helping families and marriages.

Tangipahoa Parish residents can access employment services, which can help them find a job. There are also job programs that residents can access. This organization is known to be a great resource for jobs and operates throughout the parish for people of all ages. There are also programs for people with disabilities, older workers, and people who have survived a disaster.

Migration and Refugee Services are available in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the surrounding parishes of Livingston and Ascension. Call the number 225-346-0660. It can provide them with information about the US culture and customs, help them find resources like housing and jobs, and provide support as they adjust to their new life. Immigration assistance can help make the transition to living in the United States easier for refugees and immigrants. The organization can help immigrants with things like finding a job, getting access to services, and understanding public assistance so that they can become productive members of the community.

Refugee resettlement is for people who may be fleeing violence in their homeland or faced with similar situations. Catholic Charities provides a variety of services including social and medical services, language training, employment counseling and job placement, citizenship preparation for immigrants and refugees, and family reunification.

People who are immigrating to a new country may be eligible for legal aid to help them with the process. Catholic Charities provides extensive help and support to Baton Rouge area families who are new to the country and immigrants. Lawyers and other groups work with Catholic Charities to provide this support. The agency provides a variety of services such as case management, legal services, ESL classes, and translation services. All of this aid is intended to help people and immigrants find jobs, access services, and become productive members of the local community. Programs can help legal immigrants get away from being taken advantage of at work, being abused by their partner, and difficult living conditions.

Refugees and immigrants can also get help from an employment coach to find a job. Volunteers who work with Catholic Charities can help clients during their job search by providing information and resources. Individuals in the Ascension or Baton Rouge Parish community can get help with creating a resume, assisting with job applications, coaching on appropriate workplace skills and behaviors, rehearsing for job interviews, or making contact with employers.

Other programs that may be available depending on funding include assistance with utility bills. This can be for expenses related to electricity or water. Some funding may be provided for housing and/or rental expenses.

Phone number for Catholic Charities assistance in Baton Rogue Parish

A few other services we offer are Case/Care Management, the Foster Grandparent Program, General Legal Aid, SCSEP or Senior Community Service Employment Programs, and Career Counseling. The center is located at 1900 South Acadian Thruway, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You can stop by or call the center to find out more information. The phone number is 225-336-8770 or (225) 336-8708.

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