Assistance Program

Benton County Oregon Salvation Army emergency assistance programs.

The Benton County Oregon Salvation Army helps families in need by providing them with necessary services and resources. The assistance programs offered are not just limited to the city of Corvallis, but extend to surrounding counties and other regions as well. There is a range of services available, including emergency assistance, basic needs provision, a thrift store, free food, holiday support, and much more.

Family Services

This is where emergency assistance comes from. If there is extra money, it can be used to help pay for things like rent and food. This support is only available for one time crises.

There are many different types of expenses that can help address homelessness. Some examples include rent or a portion of mortgage payments, utilities, heating or water bills, deposits, medications, and transportation.

The money comes from donations, sales at the thrift store, and grants from the United Way and government. In order to apply, you will need to provide documentation that proves your income, residency, and hardship. This can include copies of an eviction letter, a doctor’s prescription, job requirements, etc. The amount of money available is limited and it will be given out to people on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Benton County Salvation Army will help with bills, rent, or housing, and will also enroll the individual into counseling. This is a way to manage cases. There is no point in helping with rent or a gas bill unless the client can support themselves.

The talk will also include information on long-term benefits. The emergency financial aid is not unlimited. A Salvation Army case worker will help connect clients with resources like SNAP food stamps or SSI disability. The charity also helps advocate for the poor, provides tips and advice on applying, and much more. They even have tips on how to apply for disability benefits, which often helps many Benton County clients.

Thrift store, clothing closet, and food pantry in Benton County

These are the sources of all the other aid. The Salvation Army provides various types of assistance to people in need, such as supplies for disaster relief, Christmas gifts and food, vouchers for clothing, and more. Many of the Salvation Army’s programs in Benton County, Oregon, depend on donations from local residents. If food wasn’t contributed to the pantry, or people didn’t participate in the Back to School drive, these programs wouldn’t be able to run.

The resources are detailed below. The goal is to help as many people as possible, through donations of food, disaster relief, toys, etc. Some programs, like Angel Tree, have deadlines for applying. There are often standards or requirements that must be met.

A thrift store is a store that sells low-cost items, furniture, clothes, appliances, space heaters, couches, and more.A clothing bank is a place where you can get free clothes.A free food pantry is a place where people who are hungry, poor, homeless, or low income can get free meals and groceries.Holiday programs are programs that give free Christmas toys, gifts, games, and more.Schools have free programs where students from low income families can get backpacks, shoes, electronics, and more.Disaster help is when the Salvation Army in Corvallis offers water, food, and other goods to people who need it.

The charity’s number is (541) 928-4774. The Salvation Army in Benton County, Oregon, is in a nearby county. Although it is not a part of this territory, it does provide its Family Services to this area. The food pantry, thrift store, and other resources also help people in need in the community.

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