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Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan County free food pantries.

Emergency food pantries, charities, soup kitchens, and churches in Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan Counties provide food for those in need. Both families with low incomes and those facing a crisis can get help. There is not only emergency food or meals offered, but locations near you also provide clothes, Christmas toys or meals, household supplies and more. Locations of food pantries in Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan County can be found below, as well as a phone number for other resources.

The volunteers and case managers at food pantries not only provide canned or fresh food, but also try to coordinate long term support. To get this type of help, usually the family needs to fill out an application. The assistance available in Jefferson and Berkeley County may include:

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides eligible households with an EBT card to use at authorized stores to purchase food. WIC provides free infant formula to eligible households as well as referrals to diaper and car seat programs for newborns. The USDA provides additional commodity type resources, including free school lunches, Meals on Wheels, and more to eligible households.

The following is more information on the leading food pantries and clothing banks.

The Congregational Cooperative Action Project can help with transportation, education, and many other needs. They also offer a food bank and other services. CCAP is a community organization that helps with needs like transportation and education. They also have a food bank and other services. Essentials like dental care, gasoline, or work clothing vouchers. There are also free emergency food options available, as well as meals specifically for the homeless population. Additionally, there are transportation services (including Meals on Wheels for those who are homebound) and many other resources available. The food pantry is open every day from 10 am to 1 pm.

27th Street, Houston, 77092 Church Without Walls is a church in Houston, Texas. The church’s main address is 122 W. 27th Street, Houston, 77092. I There is a clothing store and a food pantry on the premises. There are also programs where you can adopt a family and give them Christmas toys and holiday meals.

Catholic Charities is an organization located in Martinsburg, West Virginia that provides various services to those in need, including a food bank. Some organizations help immigrants by providing them with personal hygiene supplies, assistance with renting or medications, and other services.

The Martinsburg WORK4WV Center can help connect you with food pantries and programs like the USDA’s CSFP commodities program or the Summer Food Service program for students. Just call (304) 267-0030. The non-profit will also offer job programs, which can help people who are struggling with poverty and hunger.

A non-profit organization in Jefferson County, West Virginia that provides financial assistance and other services to low-income residents.

The Telamon Corporation provides food assistance to immigrants, non-English speakers, and farm-workers in Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson County.

The Salvation Army in Martinsburg, WV provides food and clothing assistance to low income families. They also help families to get food stamps from SNAP, offer free Thanksgiving or Christmas meals, school supplies, as well as vouchers for clothing.

M.C.E.A.T is an organization that helps people in need. They are located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and their phone number is (304) 258-2487. They are part of the Interfaith Organization. A food pantry is available for use. There are many things you can find in a grocery store, such as canned soup, fresh fruit, infant formula, and more. There are other services that can help you with things like rent, heating bills, and medications.

The Baby Pantry in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia provides free formula, diapers, and baby food for families in need. There are also clothes for pregnant women and children.

The Pet Food Bank is a place where people can donate food for pets. They are located at 23 Poor Farm Road in Kearneysville, West Virginia. They have very limited resources and depend mostly on donations. One may offer either dog or cat food.

The Jefferson County Council on Aging provides meals for senior citizens or the disabled through Meals on Wheels. The phone number for the council is (304) 725-4044. There are also programs for seniors to get rides, as well as congregate meals/nutrition sites.

Find more free food programs in the area

There are many food banks and soup kitchens in the area of Jefferson and Berkeley County. If you are in need of referrals, please call 304.364.5518. This organization can also help connect families with government programs that can offer financial assistance, such as SNAP or WIC vouchers. There are many ways to get food if you need it. You can go to a mobile food pantry, school breakfast or lunch program, Meals on Wheels, and more.

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