Assistance Program

Bethesda Cares assistance programs.

Bethesda Cares helps people who are having a hard time in the Washington DC area and in Montgomery County Maryland. A key priority is preventing future homelessness, which includes both stopping evictions and rehousing individuals. Other services include free health care and free food to feed the hungry.

The process for applying for support from an outreach specialist includes meeting with the specialist and discussing what kind of support is needed. The outreach specialist will then help connect the client with the resources they need. If Bethesda Cares is not able to help, they may be able to provide referrals to other charities in the Washington DC area or public benefits.

The focus is on preventing people from becoming homeless. Before someone is on the streets, they should ask for any help that is available to them. There may be government grants that can help pay rent, landlord mediation available, and other pro-active support arranged by Bethesda Cares.

For people who are currently homeless, case managers can help them find a place to stay in an emergency shelter and enroll in self-sufficiency workshops or classes. This can then ideally lead to a situation where someone is living in a place where they can transition to a long term, low income apartment. Clients will need to complete a process in order to be re-housed, but if successful, they may be eligible for financial support, such as a security deposit or moving costs.

The Hunger Ministry provides food and meals to people living in the District of Columbia. The non-profit Bethesda Cares partners with churches and other charities to help those in need by providing them with sandwiches and other food. This can also include special Christmas services. Some programs can provide food to people who are unable to get it themselves, such as Meals on Wheels.

There is another food program available from CCPK Outreach, as well as Arcola Elementary School in Wheaton. There may be free bags of groceries for students over breaks or the weekends, and other support is also available if needed. A student who has had a meal is more likely to be successful in school.

Hygiene items are given out for free to those who donate. The amount donated determines how many items the person will receive. This may be free soap, razors, shampoo, and related items. The Women of Christ Church are a key partner in the region and work to help the homeless and struggling in the community.

MobileMed provides free or low cost health care in addition to all of these resources. This provides medical help for those who are working but poor, without insurance, low income, seniors, and homeless in Montgomery County and Washington. The MobileMed service will offer free or discounted medical services to those who cannot afford to pay for medical care on their own. Programs can deal with illnesses such as obesity, hepatitis, cardiovascular problems, asthma, and other conditions. The program is located at 9309 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda, MD 20814. If you would like to know more information about something, you can call the number 301-841-0825 and someone will be able to help you with any details you may need.

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group is another key partner of Bethesda Cares. This non-profit organization provides eye care check ups and services in partnership with Bethesda Cares. This can include information about testing for vision problems, exams for glasses prescriptions, or where to get glasses from. Some services cost less money for patients.

Lots of other stuff is available. Bethesda Cares is working to address the housing crisis in the Capital. They have a main office at 4001 Franklin St. Kensington, MD 20895. If someone does not have assistance, they can apply for public assistance programs that offer short-term or long-term support.

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