Bishop Sullivan Center emergency assistance.

If you need food or a job, or if you’re unable to leave your home and need a meal delivered, you can go to the Bishop Sullivan Center for assistance. The organization provides support to people who are less fortunate, senior citizens, and people struggling in the community in the greater Kansas City area.

Hunger is a terrible thing, and many people may be struggling with where to find their next meal. providing affordable or free food to end hunger is very important to The Bishop Sullivan Center. The charity believes that it is important to offer help to the community.

The Bishop Sullivan Center runs a free food pantry out of two locations to help those in the community who are in need. Food to supplement low income households is distributed to approximately hundreds of families on a monthly basis.

The goal of Bishop Sullivan Center and its partners is to provide families in need with enough food or groceries for each month. Many local grocery stores provide fresh items and bread, while other USDA commodities and the Bishop Sullivan Center purchase most of their items from Harvesters.

In order to gain access to the Bishop Sullivan Center, you must have a valid form of identification that has a picture, as well as a proof of address within the service area. This can be in the form of a utility bill or a rental agreement. Each member of the household will also need an ID card. This means that everyone who needs food assistance must provide proof of their income for the past 30 days.

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This means that if you make more than 150% of the U.S. government poverty guidelines, you will not be able to receive assistance from the Bishop Sullivan Center. This means that if you want to be eligible for this pantry, you can’t have used any other pantries in the city for at least the last 30 days. This means that the food pantry is connected to a larger system that tracks and monitors their progress and supplies.

Meals on wheels is a service that delivers meals to people who are unable to cook or leave their homes. There may be times when we need extra drivers to help deliver food to our elderly or disabled neighbors who can’t leave their homes. A driver’s license and interest are all that is needed to visit local clients.

There may not be a lot of financial aid available. Most of the people who use The Bishop Sullivan Center’s services are very poor and often need help with things like food and rent. If they do not have any type of help, they may have difficult situations like being kicked out of their home, not having a home or losing power and water. This organization provides low-income families with help paying rent, preventing eviction, and paying for utilities or heating bills. This assistance eases the family’s crisis and helps them become independent.

The Bishop Sullivan Center provides an annual service called Project Eldercool. This service provides transportation and cooling for seniors during hot weather. This program provides low-income elderly residents in Kansas City with free air conditioners or box fans, which can help them lower their cooling bills as the models are efficient. In the Kansas City Area, hundreds of units have been passed out to agencies’ elderly friends, making heat related death very rare.

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The program provides window air conditioners to senior citizens with low incomes in the metropolitan area. This means that up to $100 will be placed in their accounts to cover any potential increase in cost to their electric or cooling bills as a result of this installation. This should alleviate any concerns going forward.

Bishop Sullivan Center has a job program to help those who are unemployed find work. This is because employment is essential for stability and security in life, and income from work is necessary to pay bills.

Many people who come to the center do not have access to the internet, so the center offers free internet usage. The staff at the job center help people learn how to look for a job, how to keep a job once they find one, and how to do well in interviews. Other ways that clients are supported at their center include being given free clothing, being transportation to an interview, being taught computer skills, and being given counseling.

This non-profit has a job program that has helped hundreds of welfare recipients and unemployed people in Kansas City. Local companies and potential employers are invited to learn more about the Job Counseling Service so that they can find matches with our client’s skills for open positions.

Contact information to get help from Bishop Sullivan Center

For further enquiries, please contact 816-231-0984. If you need help getting food or other essentials, Bishop Sullivan Center may be able to help. You can find their office at 6435 Truman Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64126.

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