Rent Assistance

Bloomington and McLean County rent assistance programs.

There are several organizations in McLean County Illinois that offer financial assistance for rent. Tenants who are late on their rent, homeless people, and low-income people may all be eligible for housing assistance. There are government benefits that can be used to help pay for rent, including section 8 vouchers, SSI disability, or low income housing.

The majority of agencies are situated in the city of Bloomington, but they serve the entire county. Any financial assistance that is provided may not only cover emergency expenses such as rent, but may also include funds for paying utility bills, job training, and more. Low to moderate income families who need housing assistance usually have other needs as well.

What are some resources in McLean County? There are organizations that can help with things like grants, shelter, and rent.

Prairie State Legal Services is a pro-bono office that provides free eviction defense services. The office is located at 201 W Olive St #203, Bloomington, IL 61701. The phone number to call for more information is (309) 827-5021. This is for families with low incomes, the working poor, and senior citizens. You can get help from a lawyer in applying for benefits like section 8 vouchers or disability benefits.

The American Legion of McLean County is a center for veterans and their children who are under the age of 17. They are located at 2720 East Lincoln Street in Bloomington, Illinois and their phone number is (309) 663-0361. Short term financial aid can help with things like paying back rent, covering energy costs, and paying for transportation. There is more to life than just housing.

The Salvation Army Community Center is a store and social service office that provides overnight shelter, rent or food assistance, transitional housing, and more to people in need. It is located at 611 W Washington St, Bloomington, IL 61701. The main phone number for the center is (309) 829-9476. This could mean that the client is someone who is struggling financially, is a single mother, or is someone who is considered to be vulnerable.

If anyone needs help with anything ranging from finding affordable housing to getting help with utility bills, they will be able to assist you. The Bloomington Housing Authority is a regional public housing authority that provides assistance to those in need of affordable housing and help with utility bills. This program may offer vouchers for Section 8 housing, support for home buying, self-sufficiency programs, or even shelters or public housing.

Washington St. Springfield, IL 62702 The Mid Central Community Action Agency is located at 1301 W. Washington St. in Springfield, IL. Washington Street in Bloomington, IL is the main phone number for this company that offers housing programs. The programs offered include LIHEAP grants, referrals to rent programs, ESG emergency grants, and local loan programs. They also provide assistance for those experiencing mortgage foreclosure.

Home Sweet Home Ministries is a shelter located in Bloomington, IL at 303 E Oakland Ave. Call (309) 828-7356 for more information.

Olive Street, Bloomington, IL 61701 The address of the City of Bloomington Township Office of General Assistance is 109 E. Olive Street, Bloomington, IL 61701. Rental assistance can only be paid out once every 2 years in an emergency. The applicant needs either an eviction notice or a utility disconnection notice. In order to qualify for food assistance, you will need to provide proof of income, disability, or public benefit status. The rent or security deposit grants may be used with utility assistance, food, and other aid.

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