Food Pantries

Buffalo County free food pantries.

Families in Buffalo County who are struggling have several places they can go to for help in the form of food pantries. The centers will provide clients with a free box of groceries and other support, such as clothing or hygiene items. The city of Kearney is working to provide more locations where families can go to get food stamp benefits. This is especially important for families who are living in poverty.

The resources available are listed below. Some of them will only process applications for government benefits, such as food stamps, or they may offer commodities from the US Department of Agriculture for children who participate in Head Start. There are also organizations that provide hot meals, baby formula, and other assistance to people in need.

The food pantries in Buffalo County try to provide more than just groceries. Some places offer holiday meals or presents, soap and shampoo, toys, school supplies and more during Christmas. This will depend on how much money people donate.

Pantries and soup kitchens

The program is set to start on May 1st and will be available Monday through Friday from 11:30am to 1:00pm. The Mid Peterson Meal Program will serve healthy lunches to low-income, homeless, and senior citizens in Buffalo County, Nebraska. The program will begin on May 1st, and will be available Monday through Friday from 11:30am to 1:00pm. Different types of food like meat, soup, dairy, etc. are served.

The Salvation Army provides social services to families in poverty. There is a place where you can get clothes, food, and Christmas presents. Other assistance may be in the form of financial help, transportation, and more.

The Jubilee Food Pantry is a food bank located at 2523 Avenue A in Kearney, Nebraska. Their main phone number is 308-234-3880.

301Tucson, Arizona 85713 The S.A.F.E. Center is a place in Tucson, Arizona where people can go to get help with things like housing and food. The food bank is called the Food Pantry and is located in Kearney, Nebraska. If you are in need of food assistance, please call the Food Pantry at 308-237-2599. If you are a woman, including a domestic violence survivor or a child, and you need food assistance, you can call the Food Pantry at 308-237-2599 for free food or meals. The Food Pantry is located in Kearney, Nebraska.

East Lawn Ministries has a food pantry that provides free food to people in need. The pantry is located at 2900 Grand Ave. Kearney, Nebraska is located at 68847. The phone number to reach the town is 308-224-3771.

133Kearney, NE 68845 The United Way of Kearney is a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to residents in need. The organization is located at 4009 6th Ave., Ste. 133 in Kearney, Nebraska. For resources in the Kearney area, dial 308-237-6840. Referrals are given for things like the USDA food assistance program, work clothing, and vouchers for baby formula through WIC.

The pumpkin patch is a great place to find pumpkins. They have a wide variety of pumpkins to choose from. They also have a great selection of other fall decorations. The pumpkin patch is located at 4500 Linden Dr. in Kearney, NE. Their phone number is 308-237-4220.

The Sonshine World is a Christian-based organization located in Kearney, Nebraska. The organization provides various services and programs for children and families. The main address for the organization is 2715 W 39th Kearney, Nebraska 68848. The organization can be contacted by phone at 308-234-1883.

The Spirit of Life Food Pantry is located in Elm Creek, Nebraska and can be reached at 308-856-4724. They offer food assistance to those in need.

If you are an elderly, disabled, or homebound person in Buffalo County, you can sign up for Meals on Wheels or Congregate food. USDA Commodities may be served for free.

Minden Food Pantry is a food bank that provides food to people in need. They may have Peanut Butter, Cereal, the Senior Brown Bag program and other resources.

The Gibbon/Shelton Center is a community center in Gibbon, Nebraska. It offers a variety of programs and services for the community, including a food pantry, a thrift store, and a community garden. The center is open to the public during regular business hours.

Restricted food assistance programs in Buffalo County

Headstart is located on Kearney1023 Ave. No family or friends. The food provided by the program is only meant for the children enrolled, and not for friends or family members.

The Developmental Services of Nebraska is a organization that helps people with developmental disabilities. They are located in Kearney, Nebraska and their phone number is 308-440-0231.

The Kearney Housing Agency can help with this process and provide referrals to other agencies that may be able to help as well. If you need help, please call 308-234-3000.

St. Luke’s Child Care is located in Kearney, Nebraska at 2209 E 32nd. The facility provides care for children and is open at various hours. To find out the current hours of operation, call 308-236-6951.

For help finding other emergency food pantries in Buffalo County, call 402.905.4802. There may also be mobile sites and soup kitchens for people with low incomes.

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