Buffalo credit counseling organizations.

There are organizations in Buffalo and Erie County New York that can help with a variety of financial problems, including credit and medical debts, foreclosure, budgeting, and predatory loans. Counselors offer individuals a number of free or low-cost assistance programs to help them with their debts and bills. These programs may include help with budgeting, negotiation with creditors, and education on financial management.

Contact one of the credit counseling agencies listed below to get more information or to schedule an appointment. You and the caseworker will go over your finances and learn about what resources are available to help you. The following are some of the debt and mortgage assistance programs available.

The client and counselor will talk about different solutions to the client’s financial problems, such as foreclosure, credit report reviews, reverse mortgage counseling, and bankruptcy counseling. This means that you could work with the credit counseling agency to create a plan to pay off your debt. There are a number of federal government and national bank home loan assistance programs that can help you learn about and get a mortgage. There are many choices that Buffalo and Erie County residents have.

Belmont Housing Resources provides housing assistance to eligible individuals and families in Erie County, New York. The emphasis is on homeowner programs. If you are struggling to make mortgage payments or are at risk of foreclosure, there are programs available to help you. You may also be eligible for grant or loan programs if you are a first-time homebuyer. This means that seniors can get help and guidance with their mortgages, even if they have taken one out in the past. This can be a great way to ensure that they are making the best decisions possible and that they are getting the most out of their mortgage.

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They offer consumer credit counseling services to residents of the Buffalo, New York area. Call for help with paying current bills, credit card debts, and more. Housing and bankruptcy advice and counseling is also available. Some programs are free or offered at a very low cost.

The Northtowns Office of Belmont Housing Resources is located at 33 Spruce Street in North Tonawanda, New York. The office’s phone number is (716) 213-2784.

The Belmont Housing Resources office is located at 1195 Main Street in Buffalo, New York. You can reach them at (716) 884-7791. They offer resources for housing.

Belmont Housing Resources for WNY offers HUD Housing Counseling to all Erie County NY families. This includes help with loan modifications and applying for various government assistance programs.

is a community-based organization that addresses the problems of urban areas through economic development Buffalo Urban League Inc. is an organization that helps improve urban areas by creating economic growth. The Foreclosure Prevention Program offers HUD certified foreclosure counseling to help people keep their homes. If you are struggling to make your mortgage payments, or are already in foreclosure, this program can help you by providing advice and assistance. You can contact the program at the address and phone number listed above. You will also get help with credit repair, finding debt management and consolidation programs, budgeting classes, and more financial management.

Southtowns Office is a Belmont Housing Resources that is located on 174 Main Street in Hamburg, New York. The phone number to dial for this office is (716) 312-8075.

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HomeFront Inc. is a federal government certified non-profit credit counseling agency. They are located at 560 Delaware Avenue Suite 101 in Buffalo, New York and their phone number is 716-856-2952. The government offers a number of financial assistance programs to help homeowners and creditors, including programs to deal with credit card debts and other bills. Individuals who are struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments may be eligible for free foreclosure prevention assistance. This can help them keep their home and avoid going into foreclosure.

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