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Burlington County New Jersey Salvation Army assistance programs.

There are many resources available from the Burlington County Salvation Army in New Jersey. The main clients of the non-profit agency are low income families, the homeless, unemployed, and working poor. The Salvation Army strives to provide those in need with emergency financial support, free food, shelter, and other resources, as funding allows. Case managers will also help their clients find ways to become more self-sufficient, especially in the expensive New Jersey area. If you need a referral, we can offer you a few options as our local centers are limited. The primary phone number for this organization is 856-374-4411.

There are shelters specifically for women, single parents, and children. This means that people who stay at the centers will also be able to get help from other services that will make it easier for them to live independently for a long time.

There are other places to live besides houses, like transitional housing units and shelters. There is a lot of demand for these services and there is not a lot of space. The Salvation Army provides Burlington County residents with referral, counseling, job placement, and ESL classes. Case managers will also help people find housing that is affordable and permanent. They can also help with applying for rental assistance. Can we get help with our security deposit?

If you are working towards being self-sufficient but have a one-time emergency, you may be eligible for help with your rent or utilities. The Salvation Army provides assistance with utilities, such as heating, water, and electricity. The Salvation Army provides cash assistance to qualifying families in crisis, with priority given to families in Burlington, New Jersey who are facing eviction or disconnection.

If the client wants to receive any cash grants or funds, they will most likely have to attend case management sessions. Social workers will work together with the individual to figure out and fix the problem that is causing the emergency or difficult situation. Some services that may be offered are budgeting workshops, credit counseling, and job search or training programs.

There are homeless assistance programs located throughout New Jersey. These programs provide resources and support to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. All Salvation Army facilities help the homeless and evicted, as well as their so-called extension programs. Clients can get free food, shelter, gently used clothing, information and referral to solutions. Another key service is finding safe and affordable housing for those in need. This service can help get people into housing that they can eventually afford on their own.

There are places in Burlington County where people can get food and clothes. If residents need free groceries or new or gently used clothing, they can turn to these resources. The items are for families who are in need and have low incomes.

Qualifying clients will have access to new and/or lightly used clothing. This can also include items such as groceries, holiday meals, toys and gifts for children, winter coats, and more. The average pantry contains non-perishable items like canned goods. This means that a food truck or other mobile food service goes to different locations to provide meals.

Soup kitchens are places where homeless and low-income people can go to get a hot meal. There are a number of Salvation Army facilities located across the state. The restaurant provides low cost meals for the elderly and also offers companionship.

The Salvation Army provides free assistance for Christmas and Thanksgiving. The non-profit provides support to thousands of Burlington County New Jersey residents, especially children. They may be given free toys, food, hot meals, clothing, and other needs. There are other programs that can help you adopt a family or get help from a family. The Salvation Army provides visits and home-delivered meals to seniors and the disabled.

Many residents in New Jersey are struggling to find a job or to get promoted to a higher paying position. The Salvation Army provides job seekers with access to job resources and services, often in partnership with state agencies or other organizations. If a person needs help with getting a job, they can go to a case worker or specialist. This person can help them with using a computer, reviewing their resume, practicing for interviews, and sometimes even providing them with clothing for interviews.

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