Rent Assistance

Butte County rental and housing assistance.

There are organizations in Butte County that can help with rent or other housing problems. There are programs to help the homeless who need a short-term shelter, low-income tenants who are behind on their rent, and individuals who need help paying security deposits.

Several programs in the Butte County region are geared towards helping veterans. Other residents can also apply for the grant, though priority will be given to groups such as the disabled or families with children. The goal is to help as many families as possible who are struggling.

There are many places to go for help, but some are better than others. To find the best help, look for places that are reputable and have a lot of experience. There are many organizations that can help with housing, from charities that operate shelters or transitional housing programs to non-profit organizations that offer loans or grants for rent.

The church provides money to help people who are not in a good situation. Volunteers in Butte County offer support to the poor by providing money for unpaid rent, overnight shelter, food, or referrals.

The Chico Veterans Resource Hope Center helps veterans with various needs. Some of the services they offer include providing clothes, food, and other necessities. They also help veterans connect with resources like job programs and housing. The government offers grants to help with rental costs as part of homeless prevention and rapid rehousing. This service is a nonprofit agency that can help with utility deposits, rent assistance and job placement. Other assistance includes funds to pay security deposits for housing relocation, help with utility deposits, and legal aid. Another location that provides this type of assistance is at the African American Family & Cultural Center. This service is a nonprofit agency that can help with utility deposits, rent assistance, and job placement. The address is 3300 Spencer Avenue, Oroville, California 95966, and the phone number to call for intake is (530) 532-1205. If you’re looking for a veteran center in Chico, California, you can try the one at 110 Amber Grove Drive. Just give them a call at (530) 809-2831.

The Housing Authority of Butte County provides housing assistance to low-income residents of Butte County, California. The agency’s main phone number is (530) 895-4474, and its address is 2039 Forest Avenue, Chico, CA 95928. The agency provides a variety of housing-related services, including rent assistance, utility assistance, and Section 8 housing vouchers. The Lease Guarantee Program helps people who are struggling to make their lease payments. The program provides a guarantee to the landlord that the rent will be paid, even if the tenant cannot pay it. This can help the tenant keep their home and avoid eviction. This program provides a voucher that can be used at any participating apartment or house. The amount of the voucher is based on the “fair market rent” for the area, and the family’s income. This other program is called Tenant-based Rental Assistance, or TBRA. It gives families a voucher that they can use to help pay rent at any participating apartment or house. The amount of the voucher is based on the “fair market rent” for the area, and the family’s income. The Tenant Based Rental Assistance program provides financial assistance for a variety of housing needs, from loans to guarantee a security deposit to long term rental subsidies. An individual must be referred from one of the participating agencies in order to receive assistance.

The California Human Development Corporation helps low income families, single mothers, and the elderly with rent using funds from the Community Service Block Grant. The program offers subsidies for up to 24 months for eligible applicants. We offer all our services in both Spanish and English.

Gridley Rd. Suite 130, Gridley, CA 95948 The Community Action Agency Of Butte County Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Gridley, CA. The Agency provides services and programs to low-income individuals and families in the Butte County area. Services and programs offered by the Agency include food assistance, energy assistance, housing assistance, and job training. Shasta Avenue is located in Chico, California and the phone number to reach them is (530) 712-2600. The services offered by this company include financial management and credit repair. There are also programs available for adult literacy, advice on applying for interest free loans or grants for rent, vocational education, and even substance abuse counseling for people that need it.

The Legal Aid Society provides free legal assistance to low-income New Yorkers. We help people who are facing eviction, have been denied government benefits, or are experiencing other civil legal problems.

Shelters and transitional housing units are places where people can stay when they are homeless or need a place to stay for a short period of time.

They also offer supportive services such as referrals, counseling, and basic needs assistance. The Jesus Center House of Hope is a charity that provides transitional housing and supportive services to homeless women and parents with children. They offer referrals, counseling, and assistance with basic needs. The program provides classes on life skills, job training, and information on rent and deposit programs that can help participants in the future.

Catalyst Domestic Violence Services is a safe haven for victims of domestic violence in Butte County, California. The organization provides shelter, supportive services, and advocacy for its clients. Clients will eventually be placed in permanent housing that is safe and secure.

The Chico Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization located in Chico, California that provides emergency shelter and services to individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The organization operates a shelter that can accommodate up to 60 individuals, as well as a soup kitchen and food pantry. The Mission also provides case management and other support services to help individuals and families obtain permanent housing and become self-sufficient.

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