Assistance Program

Caldwell County Texas assistance programs.

Different organizations work together to help low income families in Caldwell County. The centers may offer their own services, such as energy assistance, food, or rent, and also refer families to government benefits. Some of the resources that are available to people in need are Medicaid, disability assistance, and others.

Community Action of Central Texas is a referral service that provides links to various helpful services. They also offer some services of their own. Households can get information about public aid programs such as Head Start, CEAP for conserving energy, and many others. The phone number for this office is (512) 392-1161, and the programs support Caldwell County.

Case managers help connect people in need with the resources they need. The website provides detailed information on a variety of topics, including section 8 HUD vouchers and SSI disability. SNAP food stamps can be extremely beneficial for families living in poverty, including immigrants. Click for more information.

Coakley Carolyn T. Coakley is a lawyer and businesswoman who specializes in intellectual property law. The All Saints’ Episcopal Church offers up to $30 one day per week to help people pay their bills. The amount of money available for this project is limited. The money may help with rent expenses, water or gas bills, security deposits, and other housing needs.

The Ministry, which is a church based group, can also provide the funds to pay for gasoline, local bus passes or car repairs. This is a great way to help those in need and provide them with the resources they need to get around. This category includes prescription medications for people who are sick, or small amounts of money to pay for a GED exam or school supplies. Please call the provided phone number if you have any questions.

The Salvation Army in Caldwell County, Texas serves those who are poor, vulnerable, and experiencing a crisis. They provide assistance and support to help people through difficult times. This charity provides homeless people with essential items like clothing and school supplies, as well as hot meals. In some cases, money is given to help pay for something. This should only be used as a last resort, but the expenses could be for things like utilities, rent, medical equipment, and eviction prevention services. The center is located at 762 S Main St Lockhart, TX 78644. To reach the center, please dial (512) 398-6252.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an organization that provides assistance to people in Caldwell County, North Carolina. There are discounts for clothing at regional thrift stores, prescription medications, cash grants for paying critical expenses, and more. To place an order, please call 512-395-5005.

The Alpha Seventh-Day Adventist Church runs a food pantry that provides food for people in the area. This means that the service is available to everyone, regardless of where they live, once a month. There is a wide range of items that are offered, from groceries to infant formula to Christmas/Thanksgiving meals. The number 512-202-7723 can be written a few different ways. The most common way to write it is with dashes between the three sets of numbers, like so: 512-202-7723.

The Seton Healthcare Network of Caldwell County provides free preventative and primary care to Caldwell County residents who are under the age of 18. They offer assistance with diabetes, affordable dental care, blood tests, and other services. Other social services that relate to health and nutrition can also be arranged.

There are other options available for free dental or health care. There are many places you can go for help. There are other sources of help available for medical debts and bills. The address is 371 Carver Street, Lockhart, Texas 78644. 5 To make an appointment, please call 512-398-2578 and press 5. The book was a bestseller The book was very popular and sold a lot of copies.

Caldwell County Christian also has a place where you can get clothes and a place where you can get food if you’re in an emergency situation. The address of the building is 901 Bois D’Arc St, Lockhart, Texas 78644. The phone number is (512) 376-6661.

Lockhart Housing Authority manages the section 8 HUD voucher program. If you are low-income or have children, you may be able to get a spot in a low-income apartment complex. They can also apply for loans and other financial assistance. The address for this location is 825 S Medina St, Lockhart, TX 78644.

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