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Cameron County Texas homeless prevention assistance program.

The homeless and eviction prevention program in Cameron County can provide emergency assistance to tenants with low to moderate incomes who have a crisis situation to resolve. The program known as HPRP is offered as a last resort to struggling Brownsville families. A combination of grants, legal aid, and security deposit assistance may be provided.

The financial assistance from homeless prevention is provided as a last resort when all other options have been exhausted. This means that if you are behind on rent or need a security deposit, you can use federal government grant money to pay for it. The eviction programs can also help with utility bills, such as heating during the winter, water, and electricity bills.

If you need help in Cameron County Texas, your crisis must be brief and not ongoing. Some examples of people who may be eligible for assistance are those who have lost their job or had their hours reduced, but who have a new job lined up to start in the future. This means that if your income is at or below the level set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), you may be eligible for a grant.

HPRP is not designed to help those who are chronically homeless or those with long term struggles, such as mental illness or substance abuse. The applicant needs to go through long term case management first in order to improve their stability.

Forms of eviction and rehousing help in Cameron County

The amount of financial aid given by agencies such as the Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley is limited and only lasts for a short amount of time. The grants available in Brownsville will only make it so that the tenants do not have to worry about being evicted. The government may help pay for some of the family’s rental or utility costs, but the family will still need to pay the rest themselves. The help will only last for one month, but if all goals are met, it may be extended week to week.

There are restrictions too. This means that the program will only help people for a maximum of 18 months before they will need to find other assistance. It is rare to be able to get help for that period of time. No matter what, the maximum amount of time aid is given is the limit. I think that 18 months is more than enough time for any family to get their living situation under control.

The community also provides additional services. Organizations like the Salvation Army provide help to people in unique situations, like women escaping domestic violence or single mothers. The homeless prevention services provided will usually include housing as well as other support needs for their children, such as food and clothes. The parent may also of course apply for a emergency money from the grant programs.

If the homeless in the Brownsville area can show that they have a stable living and financial situation, they can get help. The organization provides financial assistance for motel rooms, security deposits, and moving costs on a month-to-month basis. If a person who used to be homeless can show that they are still doing well, they may be able to keep getting help from HPRP.

All these programs will offer long-term case management. The only way to stop the cycle of homelessness is to address both employment and budgeting. Tenants should manage their money wisely so they can afford their rent and pay it on time each month.

You can call Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley at 956-541-0220 to find out about other rehousing and eviction programs in the county. A case manager will review the applicant’s case to see if they meet the standards set in place. If you don’t qualify for the homeless prevention programs, we’ll give you referrals to other non-profits or government agencies in Cameron County.

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