CAP UP – Capital Area Partnership Uplifting People programs.

The Capital Area Partnership Uplifting People is a community action agency that provides emergency assistance and other support. This organization provides services to help people in the Henrico County area overcome their challenges and become self-sufficient.

If your family meets certain requirements, CAP UP may be able to help with basic needs such as food, rent, or utility bills. Other programs available include transportation assistance from the Cars-to-Work Program, meals for the elderly, and more. The localities that are being supported are Richmond, Dinwiddie, Petersburg, Prince George, and Hopewell.

Get financial help and free goods from CAP community action

These services are for people who do not have a lot of money. Capital Area Partnership Uplifting People may be able to help with paying rent and mortgage payments in some cases. Other funds can include help with utility bills, transportation, emergency food and clothing, medical bills, and other social services that are necessary to prevent homelessness, suffering, or hunger.

The Cars-to-Work Program provides donated cars to a limited number of welfare recipients who are employed or looking for work. The cars go to people who are referred by the county or state social services department. The service is available in the whole area, including Richmond and Prince George. To apply, you must have insurance, a job, and a driver’s license.

The Food Buying Club offers services in bulk. CAP UP distributes food shares to its partners, local pantries, and other members of the program on the third weekend of each month. The food is bought from local places at the cheapest prices possible. This means that people who earn a low income can get discounts on their bills.

There are a number of food pantries in the Capital Area that are free, including Richmond, Petersburg, and the surrounding towns and communities. Many locations in Virginia not only give out free boxes of groceries, but also have soup kitchens. A service that provides hot meals to people in need and lists of free food pantries in Virginia.

Financial literacy, tax, and educational resources

Project Discovery is a service that helps people in the Capital Area who want to go to college but might not have the opportunity or resources to do so. The program is designed to help low income or potential first generation students in counties including Dinwiddie. The activities include things like counseling, academic support, workshops focused on goals, and visits to the campus. Case managers work with low income students and clients to help them set goals for their lives, improve their education, and increase their self-esteem. For some clients, case managers may be the first people in their families to go to college.

CAPUP works in partnership with teachers and schools on this program. The Project Discovery system is being used in the following school districts: Dinwiddie, Chesterfield, Goochland, Henrico County, Hopewell, Richmond City, Petersburg, and Powhatan.

This struggle is often due to the high cost of college as well as the lack of financial aid available to lower income and minority students. There are many ways to pay for college besides out of pocket. The government and many private organizations offer scholarships and other financial aid for students. What are some scholarships for low-income students?

Income tax information is available through MetroCASH. This is the coalition for the Earned Income Tax Credit in the Greater Richmond Virginia area. The goal of the MetroCASH organization is to help working poor families become more financially independent. The staff will campaign for the EITC, provide free financial guidance and education, and prepare taxes without charging a fee.

Capital Area Partners programs for the disabled or seniors

A Senior Center is a place where low-income, elderly persons from the community can go to get a wide range of services and support. The resources offered are cancer screening, the daily Capital Area Nutrition Project feeding program, blood pressure screening by the Instructive Visiting Nurses Association, field trips; classes in art and crafts, drama, nutrition, budget management, health and exercise. You can also get information on resources like Medicare and home delivered meals.

Demand Response Transportation is a service for senior citizens and the disabled. regional congregate meal sites known as Friendship Cafes. Other rides may be arranged by Capital Area Partnership Uplifting People to grocery stores, the post office, and other essential services in the Virginia counties Hanover, Goochland and Powhatan. The disabled often need emergency transportation, and the government has programs to help with this. Medicaid is one of these programs.

Applying for help from CAP in Richmond area

The locations where you can find a CAP UP machine are as follows: They will all help with things like getting food, advice on income tax, and emergency financial assistance for things like paying bills. Washington Street and Second Helpings, 1140 E. Washington Street. The two places where you can get help or find more information are Washington Street United Methodist Church, 24 E. Washington Street and Second Helpings, 1140 E. Washington Street. To reach the Petersburg bureau of the Washington Street, dial (804) 733-7041 or 804-733-8102. There is another non-profit location in Henrico County. A second center is located at 1021 Oliver Hill Way, Richmond, Virginia 23219, and can be reached by phone at (804) 788-0050.

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