Carter County Oklahoma assistance programs.

The Chickasaw Nation Human Services Department is a non-profit organization that helps pay for utilities, rent, food, and other resources for those with a CDIB or tribal citizenship card. The goal of the agency is to keep families from becoming homeless, losing their utility service, or having to live in conditions that are harmful to their health or wellbeing. This non-profit does not have a lot of money to work with. This means that the agency can only help you when there is money available, so it is limited. This is a phone number.

This is the local Carter County and Ardmore Oklahoma community action agency that helps with things like food, housing, and utility assistance. The non-profit can provide assistance with a Food Pantry, however a referral from DHS is required. The pantry may provide groceries, canned goods, and other items. There are also programs for seniors and children from low-income households.

All of the other Big Five personality traits are based on referrals. This website provides information on emergency financial assistance and how to access grants for those who qualify. The community action agency can provide referrals to utility bill assistance, or resources that can help pay rent or security deposits. This can help people in the short term, or provide them with long term stability.

Most of the support for this company comes from referrals from satisfied customers. Families can get help from outside organizations and non-profits. This can help families who need emergency financial assistance. The non-profit also provides information on temporary housing and shelter. The Big Five Community Action organization can be reached by phone at (580) 223-4613. This organization is focused on helping the community, and they have a variety of programs and services available to assist those in need. If you are looking for ways to give back to your community, or if you need assistance yourself, please contact the Big Five Community Action organization.

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The First Baptist Church provides church services with a free hot or cold meal and clothing to needy individuals and families. The phone number 580-223-1473 can be written as five hundred eighty, two hundred twenty three, one thousand four hundred seventy three.

St. Marys Catholic Church in Ardmore may be able to help with emergency rent payments through church and private donations from the St. Lawrence Guild. You can reach them at (580) 223-7544. If you are in need of assistance from the church, click here for a list of programs that may be able to help you.

The non-profit provides assistance with rent and security deposits. They can also provide information about government programs that can help with utility bills, such as LIHEAP, Oklahoma programs, and local charities. The center provides financial counseling, including budgeting skills, debt assistance, and credit repair advice. The number 580-223-2027 can be written as five hundred eighty, two hundred twenty three, twenty zero, two seven.

The Carter County Salvation Army provides assistance with paying electricity bills once a year per family if there are funds available. If you would like to speak to someone at our company, please dial 580-223-6176.

The First United Methodist Church provides food vouchers and assistance to those in need. To reach someone by telephone, dial 580-223-5390.

A nonprofit organization that provides free food and groceries for people in need. This means that for the first three months, applicants may receive food and other items that will go bad if not used quickly. They may decide to not receive food for a month and then receive food for three more months.

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There are other food pantries in Carter County where you can get free or low cost food. They are usually staffed by volunteers. Most food banks are located at local churches and are run by volunteers. The food bank may also offer other services such as meals, bringing food to low income senior citizens, and other aid. Search for food pantries in Carter County.

Community Clinics in Carter County Oklahoma

The Good Shepard Medical Clinic is a community clinic that provides free or low-cost medical care for low-income people who need help with medical bills. Patients see a nurse practitioner on days when the doctor is not in. The doctor or nurse will write and fill prescriptions on the day the doctor is there, otherwise people must get their prescriptions filled at another time or place. This can help people receive discounts on their medications. People can be referred to prescription discount programs, like Together RX, for help with the cost of their medications. The community clinic also offers dental care like simple extractions and minimal care.

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