Casa Del Carmen assistance programs.

The Casa Del Carmen Family Service Center offers assistance to Latino families in the Philadelphia area, but anyone can contact the center for help. They will not treat people differently based on race, age, religion, or other factors. The center may assist with emergency financial aid, basic needs such as food or clothing, ESL classes, or access to social services.

Casa Del Carmen Family Services provides financial aid that not only addresses the immediate crisis, but also provides the applicant with skills and support for long-term financial stability. This is particularly beneficial for Latinos.

The homelessness prevention program in Philadelphia County may offer emergency assistance with expenses such as a portion of a mortgage payment, utilities, medications, and free food from a pantry. This means that alongside managing your case, you will also have classes on how to manage your finances.

There is not much money available to help people in need. It is only provided if the applicant meets all conditions, including but not limited to being a resident of Philadelphia County. If you need help with rent, you must have a legal eviction notice. Those who cannot pay their utility bills may have their service disconnected. Occasionally, homeowners who are struggling to make their mortgage payments may be able to receive financial assistance, but they will need to have a foreclose notice from their lender. To be eligible for assistance from Casa Del Carmen Family Service, applicants must demonstrate that they will have a reliable source of income to cover their expenses in the future.

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Casa Del Carmen Family Service offers a financial management class that covers multiple topics. This course will teach immigrants to the country how to set realistic financial goals, acquire better money management skills, and more. Sessions can help you figure out how to best spend your money each month and help you reduce debt and improve your credit score.

The Casa Del Carmen caregiver resources are available at a reduced cost or for free in some circumstances. The support is for people who are taking care of a sick or dying family member. This can be a very difficult time, so the agency will try to help when it can. The agency wants to help seniors live in their homes as they age.

There are support groups and individual sessions to help caregivers understand what their loved ones are going through. They can get help from different sources depending on what they need. For example, if they need medical assistance, they can go to a hospital. If they need legal aid, they can go to a lawyer. If you are new to an area, it can be helpful to learn about the resources that are available. This is especially true for Latinos, who may not be aware of what is available to them. Counseling will help the caregiver deal with the decisions that need to be made. We have sessions at the main office throughout the year.

Casa Del Carmen Family Service provides services to help families reduce poverty and become more capable. The non-profit provides adults with workshops and programs to build skills for finding and keeping a job, or improving credit. There are also programs to help Latinos get their GEDs and further their education.

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The center offers many services to help families improve their lives and work with other organizations in the community to provide the resources they need to become self-sufficient.

The agency provides services to help jobless or underemployed adult clients further their education and training, search and prepare for employment, and access placement services. This assistance helps people to develop a better understanding of financial matters. A number of services are available to help families who are working towards stability, although this process may take some time and may be costly. Casa Del Carmen Family Service may be able to offer transportation, child care while they are in training, and placement in better housing.

Workshops are offered on a variety of topics, such as teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, homelessness, AIDS, domestic violence and personal finance. This organization wants its clients to get involved in community organizations to help make their neighborhoods better. In order to be eligible for family development services, you must meet the income guidelines set by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Casa Del Carmen has a lot of different services to help people who are struggling. They can help with things like getting a job, and becoming more independent. The charity offers programs and services in Philadelphia to help with resume creation, employment searches, and job interview preparation.

Other workshops may be focused on Latinos who live in the city and county. People who want to learn English as a second language can sign up for classes, or get groceries from the food pantry that they may be more familiar with. There may be assistance available in obtaining the necessary documents or certification for immigration to certain countries, such as Puerto Rico.

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Casa Del Carmen has a limited amount of resources and can only help a certain amount of people. The address is 4400 North Reese Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19140. Give the intake office a call at 215-329-5660.

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