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Catholic Charities Anne Arundel County assistance programs.

Some of the services that Anne Arundel Catholic Charities offer are geared towards helping seniors, meeting the nutritional needs of low income individuals and families, and administering general family services. Case managers help families get the resources and support they need to stay stable and empowered.

Sarah’s House is a resource that provides housing programs. This is a housing program for low-income or homeless people. The fund will help families with rent, deposits, and housing during difficult times. Services are offered for people who are about to be evicted and for people who are already homeless. The program can help families who are homeless to find a stable place to live.

There are several other housing programs available in Anne Arundel County for children, people with disabilities, and others. An example of this is the In-Home Intervention Program which can help prevent children from being removed from their homes. This residential center is designed to help those with intellectual disabilities in Anne Arundel County. It provides various types of housing options for people who are eligible.

Senior programs from Anne Arundel Catholic Charities

There are many resources available, some in partnership with non-profit organizations such as the Maryland Agency on Aging. This means that other services may be administered by the federal government.

The website Answers for the Aging provides information about senior citizen topics such as health, finance, and travel. The case manager from Catholic Charities will provide help and guidance to elderly residents of the county for free. The topics discussed will be varied and can include topics such as healthcare, energy assistance, and government programs like Medicare. The main phone number is 410-646-0100.

There are many senior housing options available in the area. The charity partnered with other groups to build housing developments that are more affordable. Some locations will also offer extra services for seniors citizens who live in the units. By providing a safe and comfortable environment, they are able to encourage people to interact with each other and enjoy their time living there. Catholic Charities creates an environment that is safe and comfortable for residents. This allows residents to interact with each other and enjoy their time living there. You can call the number 667-600-2000 or 443.798.3423 for more information or to apply.

The Odenton Senior Housing complex includes the Friendship Village residence. This building contains more than one hundred apartments for low-income seniors. This provides people with a safe and affordable place to live.

Senior Support Services provides assistance and care to older adults and the elderly. This is offered so people can keep living independently. The hotel provides daily meals, including dinner and lunch, as well as weekly housekeeping services. It is important to also look into their laundry and personal services. The lunch meal is provided by Catholic Charities and the senior nutrition program of the local Area Agency on Aging (AAA). A subsidy or voucher program is available to help those in need pay for basic needs.

Villa Maria is an organization that partners with other organizations. This clinic provides families and individuals with therapy services and prescription medication management. You must already be qualified for Medicaid and/or Maryland Child Health Insurance to apply.

In addition to the resources offered by Villa Maria, they also have Behavioral Health Clinics. These clinics offer help and support for those who are struggling with mental health issues. The sites offer a number of outpatient services to eligible patients who are on Medicaid and the state of Maryland Child Health Insurance. Some medical bill assistance programs offer individual and family therapy, medication management, information on community clinics and other services.

The Hunger-Free Communities Partnership may offer food and meals. The goal of this program is to put an end to childhood hunger in Maryland. Meals that are hot, along with bags of food and other necessary items, may be distributed to those in need.

Applications and get help

The Catholic Charities office provides services to the Anne Arundel County region. For more information or to be referred to someone, please call 667-600-2000.

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