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Catholic Charities assistance programs in Shreveport and Caddo Parish

The Catholic Charities of Shreveport and Northern Louisiana organization helps people who are in need and who are less fortunate. They do their best to assist these people with whatever they need. Some emergency assistance programs are administered directly by the organization while others are provided through partnerships or referrals to other non-profits. Every year, hundreds of families in Shreveport will receive some form of assistance.

When a crisis occurs, Catholic Charities will try to assist. The organization or the churches it partners with may have money to help pay a bill, like utilities or cooling. Other forms of financial assistance may be able to help with rent for people who are at risk of being removed from their home. An agency will only pay a part of an applicant’s expenses if the applicant meets other conditions.

All applications and requests from families in Shreveport are considered individually. As soon as the funds are made available, people will be given financial education and case management services to help them better prepare for and deal with life’s unexpected emergencies. If the organization is not able to help, they will try to connect you with a social service provider or local charity in the community that can assist you.

The Money School / Financial Education Program offers low-income individuals the opportunity to learn about and improve their financial situation. They can learn how to better manage, save, and budget their income. This will help them to be more financially stable and secure. This class will teach students how to improve their credit score, create a budget, start a savings account, and manage their finances. A key to managing money is to reduce spending on unnecessary items and use that money to pay off debt or add to savings. If you are stuck in a cycle of borrowing from payday lenders, there are ways to break free and avoid other predatory lenders.

If you live in Shreveport and need Emergency Financial Assistance from Catholic Charities, you must take some classes before you can get any money. The organization’s goal is to help people become self-sufficient rather than just giving them things. Case managers work with clients to help them make choices that will improve their financial situation. This may include providing information and resources, making referrals to other programs or services, and helping to create a budget.

After the classes are complete, clients can keep receiving financial coaching to help them. This will encourage each person who has completed a workshop to follow the budget and educational plan designed just for them. Catholic Charities is dedicated to helping people achieve long-term financial stability. We work with individuals and families to create budget plans, offer financial counseling, and provide access to resources that can help make lasting changes in their lives. There are many benefits to financial education programs. They can help an individual and their family learn how to manage money properly.

Catholic Charities of Shreveport offers basic needs services, such as food and shelter, as well as disaster assistance services. The organization and its staff are working to help individuals and families displaced by man made or natural disasters. The resources are meant to help those affected by weather related and other disasters, such as a fire, flood, or hurricane, with their basic needs and even bills. Those who are affected by a disaster will have both immediate and long-term needs. Case managers and responders will try to address both types of needs. They will help people who have survived.

They will determine whether or not they can assist each person on an individual basis by evaluating their needs. It can provide immediate assistance, such as food or clothing, or more long-term support, like housing. They will also meet with them and partner with the individual to explore all other possible resources and government aid that might help them.

The Immigration and Refugee Social Services Department of Catholic Charities of Shreveport is a great help for immigrants and their families who are coming to Louisiana. This means that clients can get help from a lawyer at a low cost so they can understand their rights under immigration law.

The government provides certain services to help immigrants with things like applications, financial aid, and employment counseling. The goal is to help people feel comfortable and at home in the Shreveport area.

Phone number to apply at

The primary office location for Caddo Parish is at 331 E 71st St in Shreveport, Louisiana. To get information, call 318 865-0200.

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