Catholic Charities of Westchester programs.

Westchester County Catholic Charities helps people who are struggling to make ends meet. They provide assistance with things like food, shelter, and clothing. There are many options for free food, from pantries to meals for seniors citizens or the homebound. The agency also works with other groups on programs to prevent homelessness and eviction, as well as other services.

Many Westchester and Yonkers residents are finding it difficult to afford groceries, especially fresh foods. This means that they don’t have reliable access to affordable, nutritious food. A lot of people, especially children and old people, don’t have regular access to food that is good for them. This is a problem that exists in many places around the world. To solve this problem, Catholic Charities is involved in some or all of the following activities.

A congregate meal service is a meal service for senior citizens, their spouses, and disabled individuals. This provides clients not only with a healthy meal, but with additional benefits as well. This service will provide users with the ability to connect with others in the community.

The church will offer a healthy and nutritious meal to individuals through a supported program. Volunteers want to help reduce isolation and promote independence for this group of citizens. This means that there will be both fun activities and educational workshops happening at the same time as the meal. The program is flexible and Catholic Charities of Westchester will take feedback and make adjustments as needed.

Meals on Wheels is for people who cannot go to the group sites mentioned above. They are delivered during the week throughout Westchester County. Volunteers help to make this service possible. The hot lunches are delivered to the elderly and disabled. If someone is not able to leave their home, for example because they are ill, then food can be brought to them. The partner of the person who is housebound can also apply.

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A food storage area will also be available. There will be boxes of groceries, bags of food, and gently used clothing. In some cases, people may use vouchers to get food or clothing in an emergency situation. They can often be exchanged for goods at local stores.

The Westchester County Catholic Charities Homeless Prevention program provides financial assistance to tenants who are behind on their rent or homeowners who are facing an unexpected foreclosure. Any assistance is restricted and is for individuals who are at immediate risk of becoming homeless. There are many reasons why someone may need help, for example if they have been ordered by a court to be evicted, if they have a medical emergency, if they are homeless or if their home is being foreclosed.

Some people also become homeless because they lose their power. A home in New York without electricity is not a livable environment. In cases like this, there may also be some money available to help pay for utility bills, like electricity or water.

Before any money is paid out by Catholic Charities or its partners, an intake process will be completed. There are a few things you need in order to be eligible. The applicant will need to contribute their own money for any rent or expenses due and have some source of income.

Staff provide referrals to clinics. There are dental and medical offices in the Westchester County region. These medical centers are mostly staffed by volunteers, including nurses, doctors, and hygienists. They provide services to patients of all ages. There are various dental procedures that can be performed such as check ups, oral evaluations, cleaning, etc. The medical care is not extensive and will only include checkups, flu shots, and physicals. The clinics in the Catholic Charities database will have different offerings in terms of services.

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Westchester County Catholic Charities provides assistance to immigrants. The office provides advice, guidance and support to people who want to become citizens of New York or the United States. The staff provides services related to immigration, such as legal aid, clerical assistance, job placement, and document translation. There are workshops to help people who speak other languages learn English, as well as other educational support.

Anyone who is struggling, regardless of race, age, or religion, can try contacting Catholic Charities of Westchester for help. A combination of referrals and other support is offered. The organization is based in White Plains, but multiple churches are part of it. The phone number is 9 one 4, 4 seven 6, two 7 zero zero.

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