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Catholic Charity assistance in Orange County New York.

There is a lot of help available from different agencies in Orange County New York, and Catholic Charities is one of the best places to go for assistance. This organization provides various forms of assistance including case management, help with rent and utilities, food, and clothing. Community Services of Orange County is a organization that helps the less fortunate in the region.

Residents who are having difficulty with their housing situation may be eligible for help. This can include money for rent, grants, and emergency assistance. If you are in danger of losing your utilities, you may be able to get help with your electric or water bills. The Housing Resource Center is working to prevent evictions and homelessness in Orange County. The center is in Newburgh and you can make appointments by calling (845) 561-1665.

There may be other housing assistance available from the center and the organizations involved in its success. There are many agencies that help contribute to the well-being of the community, such as the Orange County Department of Social Services, the Joint Mental Health and Community Agencies of Orange County, and local churches. Before you are homeless, be sure to ask for help.

Case management is a system that helps people who have been involved in a criminal case to find housing, work, and other services they need. Families can talk to a specialist for help with finding and paying for housing, heat, or other utilities. The specialist can also help coordinate services and referrals. Other resources that are available to people in need include things like clothes, a way to get around, food, government assistance, and someone to speak up for them.

Focusing on helping immigrants and refugees is always a priority. This means that there are places in New York where people can go to get help with their immigration and refugee status without having to pay a lot of money. A group of lawyers and legal assistants offer cheap help and support to immigrants. It doesn’t matter what your immigration status is or how long you have lived in an area. You may receive support either way.

Orange County families can get help with many different things, like applying for work authorization or citizenship, petitioning for relatives, getting low-cost legal representation for political asylum and deportation, and petitioning for abused and battered spouses and/or children. Some clients will be charged fees, but they will usually be fair. We provide home visits to clients with special conditions on a case-by-case basis. To get information about immigration, you can call 1-800-566-7636. You can also use this number to get consultations or to reach the immigration hotline.

Other social services and emergency assistance options are available in Orange County, New York. This means that there is extra money available to pay for things like energy or heating. The organization can also help people apply for government and public aid, such as food stamps, LIHEAP, or health care. What the agency can do is help the working poor.

The churches and Catholic Charity centers listed below offer programs that can help you learn more about your faith.

The following are churches in the area and their phone numbers: -Bullville, Church of St. Paul: 845-361-3107 -Chester, Church of St. Columba: 845-469-2108 -Cornwall-on-Hudson, Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury: 845-534-2547 -Florida, Church of St. Joseph: 845-651-7792 -Goshen, Church of St. John the Evangelist: 845-294-5328 -Greenwood Lake, Church of the Holy Rosary: 845-477-8378 -Harriman, Church of St. Anastasia: 845-238-3844 -Highland Falls, Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: 845-446-4609 -Highland Mills, Church of St. Patrick: 845-928-6027 -Maybrook, Church of the Assumption: 845-427-2046 -Middletown, Church of O.L. of Mt. Carmel: 845-343-4121 -Bloomingburg, Church of O.L. of the Assumption: 845-733-1477 -Middletown-South Centerville, Church-Holy Cross & O.L.-Scapular: 845-355-4439 -Middletown, Church of St. Joseph: 845-343-6013 -Monroe, Church of the Sacred Heart: 845-782-8510 -Montgomery, Church of Holy Name of Mary: 845-457-5276 -Newburgh, Church of the Sacred Heart: 845-561-2264 -Newburgh, Church of St. Francis of Assisi: 845-561-1317 -Newburgh, Church of St. Mary: 845-562-0862 -Newburgh, Church of St. Patrick: 845-561-0885 -New Windsor, Church of St. Joseph: 845-561-8467 -Otisville, Church-Holy Name of Jesus: 845-386-1320 -Pine Bush, Church of Infant Savior: 845-744-2391

The number for the Church of St. Mary in Port Jervis is 845-856-8212. The number for the Church of O.L. of Mt Carmel in Tuxedo is 845-351-5284. The number for the Church of the Most Precious Blood in Walden is 845-778-5719. The number for the Church of St. Stephen in Warwick is 845-986-4028. The number for the Church of St. Mary in Washingtonville is 845-496-3730.

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