Rent Assistance

Charlotte and DeSoto County rental assistance.

Government grants and non-profit organizations help pay rent for people in Charlotte County and DeSoto. Residents with an eviction notice will be given priority, with funding also available for families with children. Rent assistance can also be arranged for people with disabilities and seniors in the service area.

If funding is not available, tenants can inquire into other resources. Other options for paying rent may be suggested by case managers from many organizations, or the family may be able to be enrolled into a mediation service that is available in Charlotte County, Florida.

There may be grants available for working poor families or those with special circumstances, such as being a veteran or single parent. Some places to look for assistance if you need help with a security deposit, rent, or referrals to section 8 housing are listed below.

The Charlotte County Homeless Coalition can be found at 1476 Kenesaw St in Port Charlotte, Florida. They can be contacted by phone at 627-4313 Monday to Friday. Assistance is available county wide from this organization. The non-profit provides housing for those who are in need of a place to stay or are going through a difficult time in their life. The partners of the non-profit, such as charities, help with the cost of housing and other needs of the residents. Other programs can give you money back, help you pay for a security deposit, and find you a new place to live.

The Salvation Army Family Centers provide appointments for families in need of assistance. The centers are located in Port Charlotte, Florida, and appointments can be made by calling 629-5950. They can help tenants apply for money that can be used for rent or utility bills. Case management can help people who are arguing with their landlord, as well as providing them with things like medication, hotel vouchers, and other housing support.

The Catholic Charities of DeSoto County is located at 1210 East Oak Street in Arcadia, Florida. The church can be contacted at 863-494-1068.

The church may have a small amount of money available for rent. Other support can be things like a shelter for the homeless or a blanket to keep them warm.

The Punta Gorda Housing Authority provides financial assistance to eligible residents in the form of section 8 vouchers. Applications can be obtained and submitted at their office location. Charlotte County residents can learn about public housing or homeowners can receive foreclosure counseling.

The Arcadia Housing Authority provides Section 8 HUD vouchers to eligible applicants. To apply, call 863-494-4343 when the program is open. This is a program that helps pay for rent for people who live in private housing.

If you are in danger of being evicted or have any other housing problems, you can get free legal help from attorneys at Legal Aid of Manasota. This firm provides free legal services to low-income people.

The Sacred Heart Church is a part of the Society of St Vincent De Paul. It is located at 25200 Airport Rd in Punta Gorda, Florida. The phone number for the church is (941) 639-3957.

The Good Samaritans of Charlotte County may not have a lot of money to help with rent or other bills. The staff can also refer the client to medical programs, government grants, and loans that don’t need to be paid back for housing or rental needs. Punta Gorda, Florida-based or dial (941) 639-3335.

Call the North Port Social Services at (941) 429-3700 for financial assistance.

The Seventh Day Adventist Church is a church located at 2036 Loveland Blvd. The church’s main phone number is 629-0398. The church may be able to provide rental assistance in a crisis to help stabilize the situation. There is only a certain amount of money available to be given out as funding.

The Volunteers of America of Florida is an organization that helps homeless veterans in Charlotte County. They provide support and resources to help these veterans get back on their feet and find stable housing and employment. Transitional housing is temporary housing for people who are in between homes. It is usually set up through government programs like SSVF or VA benefits.

The San Antonio Catholic Church provides financial assistance to those in need. If you are in need of financial assistance, please contact the church at (941) 235-1254.

The Emergency Solution Grant Program provides referrals to low-income apartments, senior housing, and rent and security deposit assistance programs. A call center is a place where people can call to get information or help with something.

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