Charlotte assistance programs

There are several services provided by the city. These services include trash and recycling pickup, street and sidewalk maintenance, and water and sewer service. A more comprehensive list of assistance programs is available that covers both Mecklenburg County and the city. The Mecklenburg and Charlotte area is in need of assistance. More people are needed to help with the growing population.

Find help with paying bills, rent, and more

The Crisis Assistance Ministry is a organization that helps people with things such as food, rent, and utility bills. They help around 10,000 families every year. The Emergency Financial Assistance Program offers help to families and individuals who are in financial distress. They provide financial assistance to help people pay for housing and utilities, and to prevent evictions. Any energy bills are paid directly to utility companies and any rent payments are made directly to landlords.

Additionally, they have a free store on site to help residents of Charlotte, North Carolina. The Crisis Assistance Ministry Free Store is available because of the generous donations from thousands of volunteers who donate their time and materials. This store provides house wares, clothing, furniture, and appliances to those in need, free of charge.

The organization is located on Spratt Street near Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, and the phone number is (704) 371-3000.

Employment services and help with a job

The Bridge Jobs Program is a non-profit agency that helps people who are unemployed, have dropped out of high school, or are underemployed to find a job. You will receive training for the job, resources, and employment services. Call (704) 377-5371

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Prescription medications

If you are struggling to pay for your prescription drugs, you can reach out to NC Medassist for help. The program provides low income and underinsured Charlotte NC residents with assistance in obtaining prescription medications. The agency’s phone number is (704) 536-1790. This program provides assistance to people of all ages and backgrounds, including those who are low income or unemployed.

Assistance for expenses

Catholic Charities is an organization that helps people of all religions. Contact them at 704-370-3228. Every so often, they can give out cash for rent and utility bills, food, clothes, and other necessary assistance. They can also refer people to other agencies in Charlotte, North Carolina that might be able to help, as well as government programs.

Legal help programs

If you can’t afford an attorney, Legal Services of Southern Piedmont in Charlotte, NC can help. They provide free civil legal assistance and access to programs in the areas of public benefits, foreclosures, housing, family, and consumer law to low-income and other qualified people. Call the number 704-376-1600.

Mortgage delinquency

There are many HUD counseling agencies throughout the region. together, they manage and give many services and programs to people who have borrowing money in that area. What other programs are available to me besides counseling and legal support? There is more information available on preventing foreclosures in Charlotte.

Where are other Mecklenburg County assistance programs located?

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