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Christian Community Action assistance programs in New Haven.

CCA provides help to hundreds of families every month through referrals, assistance, and support. The charity is focused on helping those who are less fortunate, children, seniors, and the working poor in New Haven County. The staff try hard to help people who are struggling.

The organization will help residents find and use resources that are available to them from the government and private organizations. If you need help from other agencies, we will let you know where to go. However, some families in a crisis may be able to get direct aid, such as help with eviction, rent, heating bills if service is shut off, and disaster assistance.

There are programs for children at Stepping Stones and Hillside Family Shelter. Support will help the child develop the skills they will need to succeed in school over a long period of time. It helps to connect people who need help with people who can provide help.

Thanksgiving assistance is overseen by Christian Community Action. Free turkeys, fixings, toppings, and other goods are given to hundreds of families, the disabled, and elderly around the holidays. There are numerous organizations that either provide financial support or volunteer hours to help purchase food. These are all examples of places where you can get food if you are hungry and don’t have any. They work together to give out free food and turkeys to 2000 families, seniors, and people with disabilities.

churches help less fortunate in conjunction with Christian Community Action The F.A.I.T.H. Partners program is designed to help people who are struggling with addiction. The program provides resources and support to help people overcome addiction and rebuild their lives. There are other groups who help the poor by giving them supplies, money, or food. They may also advocate for the poor, meaning they speak up for them and try to help them get what they need.

This extra support is used to help fund and keep up local New Haven County emergency shelters and the apartments inside of them. The staff from the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence are involved in numerous efforts to build relationships with other organizations at the local, state, and national levels.

The Advocacy and Education Project provides many resources to help people. It is dedicated to improving the lives of those in poverty. This organization is dedicated to helping those in poverty by providing social services and advocating for economic justice. This program helps to empower people, provides leadership training, and helps with grassroots organizing to support groups such as the poor, seniors, and disabled.

The Stepping Stone Transitional Housing Program provides apartments for people who are transitioning from homelessness. Guests can stay at the apartments for up to two years. The size of the apartment and the family income will be used to determine which apartment the guests will stay in. The CAA Stepping Stone program provides support to families in the Greater New Haven County area who are homeless or facing eviction.

The goal of the temporary housing program is to help low income and homeless families by providing case management services and a safe, supportive environment. This will help the client to grow and become more independent. Families will work towards becoming more responsible and self-sufficient by attending school, budgeting workshops, and job training programs.

The people who stay in the housing units will have a case manager to help develop a plan that provides comprehensive family services. The plan will help residents achieve their goals by providing a roadmap to success. The residents at Christian Community Action Stepping Stone participate in many social services offered to them during their time living there. Programs may offer training in life skills that are beneficial for securing a job, computer literacy, parenting education, budgeting skills, and childcare for workshops and after school programs.

A food pantry is a service that provides food to people who need it. It is for people who are 65 and older, have children under 18 years old, or have a disability. The grocery store is set up so that people from the community can choose their own food items, rather than receiving a pre-made bag of goods. The Connecticut Food Bank is an important organization that helps provide food for people in need.

Christian Community Action is a program that helps with heating bills. They are an application site for the state’s Connecticut Energy Assistance Program as well as the Community Fuel Bank. There are many other programs that can help with utility bills, and referrals are easy to find.

The Hillside Family Shelter is a place where families who were evicted and are homeless can stay for a very short amount of time. The Hillside Family Shelter has several fully furnished apartments at the Sylvan site and Davenport sites. These apartments are located in New Haven and provide a place for families to stay who are experiencing homelessness.

The goals for people at the Family Shelters is to help them reduce stress, become more stable, and find housing and employment. When you are ready to leave, get help finding and paying for permanent housing. Hillside Family Shelter has two locations, one in the city and one in the suburbs. The Davenport Site and Sylvan Site, both located on Davenport Avenue and Sylvan Avenue in New Haven, Connecticut, can be reached by calling (203) 777-7172.

There are a few locations of the Christian Community Action charity. The following are the steps necessary to complete the project There are a few steps necessary to complete the project, which are as follows:

The Administrative Office for Stepping Stone Transitional Housing Program and Advocacy and Education Project / Mothers for Justice is located at 168 Davenport Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut 06519. The main telephone number for both organizations is (203) 777-7848.

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