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Christian Community Action emergency assistance and social services.

The Christian Community Action helps people who are less fortunate and struggling with poverty in the counties of Collin, Dallas, Denton, Tarrant, and Wise. They provide services to those in need, focusing on seniors, and operate programs in a holistic approach. The company is dedicated to providing assistance to its customers, whom they refer to as Angels.

CCA may provide free food, meals, and referrals to emergency financial support for those working on self-sufficiency. The goal is to help families move out of poverty and have a more stable life.

The Family Assistance Services (FAS) program provides assistance to families in need. The program is administered by the government and provides financial assistance to families who are struggling to make ends meet. The FAS program also provides other services such as food assistance and housing assistance. This is involves providing immediate assistance with specific needs or concerns. FAS will help families who are unemployed or underemployed, don’t have health insurance, have a major illness, or any other circumstance that limits their independence.

FAS provides families in the region, including Dallas and Fort Worth, with access to quality healthcare, food, housing/rent assistance, bill-paying assistance services, clothing or any other services that are deemed necessary.

The Golden Angels Program provides support to seniors. This allows them to have special access to the Christian Community Action Community Room and other support systems. There is also advice for people who take care of them.

The program provides elderly clients with social interaction, free healthy meals, access to the Food Pantry, home repairs, and more. There are also several vocational and educational programs at the nearby Adult Health Center.

Additionally, each senior who participates in Golden Angels is assigned a Family Assistance case manager. The case manager will perform a thorough assessment of the individual’s circumstances. The results of the test will provide links to appropriate programs and services, including government benefits such as SSI or Medicare if needed.

The Mustard Seed Fund is a program that helps pay for transportation and provides free gas cards to those who qualify. This is mostly for when you need employment, like for a job interview, or if the family car needs repairs.

Many low-income families and their children rely on the USDA Free and Reduced School Lunch Program during the school year. However, during the summer, that source of free and healthy food is not available in Dallas or in Texas.

The Kids Eat Free Program offered by Christian Community Action helps to address the issue of food insecurity for children. There will be food available for children who need it during the summer, when school is not in session. The agency will ask for help from churches, non-profits, and other organizations to make and give out free lunches to Kids Eat Free locations every day. The locations are in Collin, Tarrant, Dallas, and other counties.

The food pantry helps low income families by providing them with food, and preserving their dignity. The address of the building is 200 S. The street that Mill Street is on in Lewisville, Texas. The food bank has a grocery store setup where people can choose what food items they want. There are many things you can stock up on in case of an emergency, such as ground beef, baking supplies, canned chicken and fish, baby formula, cleaners, personal hygiene products, and paper goods.

Each household that qualifies for CCA services is provided with a voucher that they can use like a debit card to pay for groceries or other purchases at the site. The regional Food Pantry provides food for hundreds of families each week. People that use the site are not paying for it, so they are freeing up their income for other necessary expenditures.

The Adult Health Center is a member of the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics. The location provides healthcare services to uninsured adults residing in the greater Texas service area, which includes Collin, Dallas, Denton, Tarrant, and Wise Counties. The clinic from Christian Community Action provides non-emergency healthcare services to low-income patients using a volunteer/staff model, and is also a Patient-Centered Medical Home provider.

The primary care physician or dentist is responsible for coordinating all medical care and treatment. Some of the services offered may include well woman exams, chiropractic services, root canals, tooth extractions, basic treatment, free optometric services such as eyeglasses, vision screenings, and more.

One of the most important things to do in order to break the cycle of poverty is to get an education. Along with needing food and shelter, getting an education is key to success. Low income and unemployed clients can get the skills necessary for achieving long term independence and economic self-sufficiency. This is essential to the success of CCA clients.

Christian Community Action of Texas offers classes and services that provide practical education and skills training to meet the needs of the community. The courses available are: Financial Management, GED Training Program, English as a Second Language, and Basic Computer Skills.

There are programs available for different seasons. There are too many low-income families who need more support during parts of the year. The holidays can be tough for families who don’t have a lot of money to spend on presents for their kids or Christmas dinner. There may be school supplies like clothes, books, and shoes for children who need them.

CCA provides services to make the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays fun for those who qualify. The Christmas Toy Store allows parents to pick new, unopened presents and stocking stuffers, all the way down to the wrapping paper and bows. The faith-based organization provides assistance to families in need by determining whether they are eligible for the service.

The Senior Christmas Program is a service that provides gifts and Christmas cheer to seniors in the community. This is a very special event for the organization, because it provides holiday cheer, meals, and companionship for the seniors. The charity will collect wish lists from elderly clients, and then distribute gifts purchased and donated by individuals and companies. This will help to make the elderly clients’ holiday season more special and bright.

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Our main location is in Lewisville, Texas at 200 South Mill Street. Call (972) 219-4300 for more information.

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