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Christian Community Service Center assistance programs (CCSC).

The Christian Community Service Center provides assistance and emergency aid to those in need in Harris County and the city of Houston. The non-profit will work to help low income people pay bills or rent in the short term, and will also help them plan for longer term self-sufficiency and case management. They can help you get food from the food pantry or clothes from the Sunshine Resale Thrift Store.

Find funds and emergency help for bills, food and living expenses

Emergency Services is a department that helps people during a crisis. This is a program that helps low-income people in central and southwest Houston or Harris County who are in dire need. The organization provides people in need with clothing, medical bill assistance, food and rental and/or utility assistance. The volunteers from CCSC are committed to helping others in the community to get the loans or funds they need for their emergency.

The Food Pantry at the Christian Community Service Center gives out packages of groceries to residents of Harris County, Texas, who are struggling with hunger or food insecurity. Volunteers and staff assemble food packages with items necessary for preparing healthy, balanced meals.

In addition to the regular food package, the Christian Community Service Center will also distribute fresh fruit, vegetables, and other produce from their community garden as it becomes available. The Pantry also caters to clients with specific dietary needs, such as the elderly or homeless. There are other programs that offer assistance to seniors in Texas.

A limited amount of financial assistance can come in the form of cash grants from the government or money raised by the community. The funds can be used to help with rent or utility bill payments. To get aid, you must make an appointment. CCSC will provide financial assistance for medical needs, prescription medication, eyeglasses, and other medical necessities as resources become available.

This means that the people who arrive first will be served first. If you need help from this organization, it’s a good idea to call ahead to see what assistance is available and what food items they have.

Eye care is available to help people with vision problems. Kepler Pre-doctoral Fellowship program offers a unique opportunity for highly qualified, creative, and committed doctoral students to pursue excellence in population and family planning research.If you’re a doctoral student interested in population and family planning research, the Louise J. Kepler Pre-doctoral Fellowship program could be a great opportunity for you to pursue excellence in your field. The Moran Vision Care program provides funding for eye care services to schools in underprivileged parts of the Harris County service area. Doctors will come to schools to give vision screenings to students, with the help of school nurses. They will identify any children who need further assistance. There will be “field trips” to the University of Houston’s University Eye Institute (School of Optometry) to get eyeglasses and professional examinations.

CCSC programs to help long term stability in Harris County

The JobNet program is designed to help people who are unemployed or underemployed, and who may have difficulty getting a job due to lack of experience or skills. The program provides assistance with things like computer skills, English language skills, and education. The charity helps mothers who stay at home to make money and get jobs. This is done by helping the client develop the skills they need to be successful in their job search, and providing them with guidance and support.

The agencies provide services through skilled volunteers who work with clients one-on-one in a supportive environment. Participants learn many things from their teachers, including how to set goals, use a computer or proper business etiquette. Staff also offer encouragement to their fellow job-seekers. Other topics in the class include learning how to make a resume and practicing interview skills.

The Martha’s Way program provides job training and resources to low-income individuals so that they can start and run their own businesses. The program offers classes and support to help participants develop business plans, find funding, and market their products or services. The Christian Community Service Center provides educational opportunities, hands-on training, and job resources to help people in need. The program’s main objective is to assist participants in generating greater income over an extended period of time.

Seasonal items, such as school supplies and free Christmas assistance

CCSC’s Back to School Program helps children who don’t have the supplies they need for school, like clothes, notebooks, or uniforms. The charity may give them items so they have the same opportunities as their more advantaged peers. The benefits of the program go beyond just getting school supplies and clothing; it also helps improve the students’ mental readiness for learning and increases their self-esteem. This is a story about how to get free back to school supplies in Houston.

Qualifying clients are allowed to choose clothing items for free from a center. When they have available funds, people may use vouchers to purchase diapers, children’s underwear, or blankets to supplement the donated items.

A thrift stop is a store that is run by the CCSC. The Sunshine Resale Shop in Bellaire, Texas will sell items to the general public, including furniture, jewelry, clothing, lamps, rugs, household items, Christmas gifts, and collectibles. All of the items are sorted by category. Items are then sent to JobNet, Emergency Services or Back to School for distribution to low-income residents and those facing poverty.

The Resale Shop sells clothes and other items at a lower price than the retail price, which helps community members who have a limited income. The money that is raised is either used to pay for the financial CCSC programs or it may be loaned out to clients to help them pay for their expenses.

The Jingle Bell Express is a free Christmas program for children from needy families in Houston. The resource is a shop where parents can pick gifts for their children, including toys, games, and new books. JBE provides everything you need for a delicious Christmas meal from the pantry.

The Christian Community Service Center connecting system gives people in Houston access to other agencies and charities that can help them with things that CCSC can’t. The staff at the center keeps resource books with different options to make sure that clients are referred to other agencies that can help them in the long term. This may help with child care costs, low-cost housing, government benefits, healthcare, and much more.

Christian Community Service Center has several locations in the region.

The address is 3434 Branard, Houston, Texas 77027 and the phone number is 713-871-9741.

There is another center located at 3224 Mercer in Houston, Texas. The telephone number for this center is 713-626-8320.

The address for the location is 6856 Bellaire Blvd., Houston, Texas 77074 and the phone number to dial is 713-328-0194.

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