Christian Concern Committee emergency programs.

The Christian Concern Committee strives to improve the quality of life for low-income families and individuals from all walks of life in northern New Mexico. This includes agricultural workers, seniors, and the rural poor. In Taos County and Rio Arriba, most of the support is offered through economic upgrading, advocacy, preservation of client dignity, job placement and educational advancement.

The Christian Concern Committee helps residents who are struggling. Some of the people that we help at our organization have difficulty finding work, a place to live, or are new to the country. These people may have been unemployed, homeless, or working poor families. We help them transition back into society. There may also be help for people who were previously in prison or for single parents. The main goal of preventing homelessness in northern New Mexico, including Taos County, is to provide support for people who are struggling to keep a roof over their head. This can be done through financial assistance, access to resources, and providing a safe and stable environment.

The goal is to create a connection between the program participants and their families, as well as the communities they will be living and working in. The following services may be provided:

Financial assistance can help with things like rent, utilities, and prescriptions. Sometimes it can also help with things like bus tickets for people who are looking for a job. There are also places to stay in Rio Arriba County for both short and long periods of time. Individuals who need to take the bus for a single ride, for example to a medical appointment or interview, may be eligible for a free or reduced fare.

The Christian Concern Committee provides assistance with food and other basic needs. Check out the clothes closet for clothing and shoes. The kits may contain items like toothbrush, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, shaving cream, razors, hair products, etc.

Employment services are provided in a group setting or one-on-one. The client may be given information about potential employers in the area, as well as help with transportation to these employers. The Christian Concern Committee can provide assistance with writing resumes, preparing for interviews, filling out applications, and using the computer lab.

The non-profit will always have sources for help and information. I may need help filling out paperwork for things like grants, TANF, or public aid from the Department of Social Services. Other applications may be for SSI Disability, as well as referrals to Legal Aid Society and other agencies that provide resources and assistance to people.

The Food Pantry from Christian Concern Committee provides food for people in emergency situations. The agency can only help a household every few days. This project is funded by donations from individuals and local businesses. Other organizations that contribute food to this pantry include national non-profits such as Feeding America, as well as retailers including Wal-Mart or Kroger.

The center will help in providing non-perishable food items and other items that may be taxed, such as paper products or hygiene items. The pantry will help Taos County residents who are in a crisis or have a short-term hardship. Some examples of groceries that may be available are cereal, baby formula, boxed pasta, beans, rice, vegetables, and more.

There are also services available to assist immigrants. Food and other aid is given to those who need it. The Center at Christian Concern Committee can help with things like socializing, getting an education, and having fun. They can also help you get a job or a place to live. There are also free snacks every morning and hot, nutritious lunches available at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish.

Free discount prescription cards are available through a partnership with NACO. People who live in Taos or Rio Arriba may be eligible to get discounts on medication, even if they don’t have insurance. To get the card, there is no charge and no paperwork to fill out. Many seniors on Medicare use it to save money. To get a card, go to any area pharmacy or ask a doctor or pharmacist for it.

The prescription medicine is available at a discount from dozens of pharmacies and retailers, and the savings may be over 20%. The charity can help connect you to other medical resources and facilities in New Mexico, including clinics in northern New Mexico. The staff at Christian Concern will encourage their clients to use the service. Many of the discounts are for medications that are not covered by insurance, but this also includes items for pets.

The Christian Concern Committee Life Skills Training Center is a place where anyone who is currently homeless or living in poverty can go to get help. This will help people who are homeless or at-risk in northern New Mexico. Migrant farm workers are another group of people that the study is focusing on.

The goal of the Center is to help clients get and keep permanent housing. The center offers a variety of services to help people with their everyday lives, including vocational programs, psychiatric care, counseling, and skills training. They also have a wellness program to help people stay healthy, as well as hot meals and referrals to state services.

The Christian Concern Committee provides food and free toys for underprivileged families during the holiday season. If resources are available, the center will provide toys and clothing to any child who is 12 years old or younger that is registered with the center. Families also get a food voucher to buy a turkey or other necessary groceries.

The committee and its partners, such as Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, may be able to help regardless of your faith. To get more information, call the organization at (505) 662-4666.

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