Assistance Program

Clallam County assistance programs

Olympic Community Action Program is a local organization that helps people in the Port Angeles and Clallam County Washington area. They provide assistance with things like food, housing, and other basic needs. They help low income and other needy individuals by offering a variety of assistance programs, giving advice, and helping them access grants and financial aid. They offer both short-term and long-term aid.

There are many programs that can help people get and keep a job. Working Image is a program that helps women. They provide transportation for people who need it to get to an interview. There are also other programs that help you get ready for a job and keep a job. Finding employment is a great way to become independent over the long term.

This program helps people who may not have a lot of money with paying for their energy bills. The government gives money to this program when it is available so that people can stay warm during winter. of Human Resources The program is currently funded through the Department of Human Resources. The Washington State Community, Trade, and Economic Development is responsible for the administration of the Health & Human Services. The government has a program where they will help pay for your energy bills if your primary heat source is from: heating oil, electricity, propane, firewood, utilities, pellets, or kerosene.

Other programs – You may be eligible for other assistance programs like senior nutrition, home improvement, free food, oral health services, and other aid. A counselor can also make suggestions to clients about government programs, both those offered by the federal government as well as state of Washington programs.

If you need help with rent or utility bills, call the Olympic Community Action Program at 360-452-4726.

Pro-Bono Lawyers is an organization consisting of volunteer lawyers and other legal professionals, located in Port Angeles, Washington. The legal advice may cover topics like consumer debts, foreclosures, evictions, and housing issues. There are many places where you can get free legal advice in Washington. Some of these places include the office of the Attorney General, the Washington State Bar Association, and many more.

The Salvation Army is a great place to get help. They can always offer suggestions, encouragement, and advice. The Salvation Army in Port Angeles sometimes has money available to help with things like rent and heating bills. They can also help connect people in need to local charities, non-profits, and government assistance programs. Give the phone number 360-452-7679 a call.

This is a clinic that provides health and medical care to low income people and people without health insurance. They provide medical care, guidance, and support to people in need. The clinic offers a range of health services including general medical care, mental health support and referral to other health programs. Patients who stay at the hospital for a long time may qualify for prescription medications and having someone to manage their case. Please call (360) 457-4431

Clallam Catholic Charities provides assistance to those who are low income or working poor. This assistance comes in the form of resources like food, clothing, and shelter. If the organization has enough money, it may be able to help pay for rent, energy bills, food, or essential medications. Dining rooms and pantries can offer food options like groceries or hot meals. There are other government and financial support options available.

Case managers can help people in the Port Angeles Washington region find employment by providing services like career counseling and working with them to find jobs. This means that you will be taking classes to help you manage your finances and also to help you plan for your future housing and independence. Catholic Charity provides programs to help those in need. These programs include financial assistance, food assistance, and other services.

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