Clark County Indiana free, emergency food pantries.

There are several food pantries and soup kitchens in Clark County Indiana. They run programs to help people who are hungry, low income, and facing an emergency. The main resources are giving out free food, cleaning supplies and hygiene products, Christmas gifts and meals. The food pantry may offer assistance programs such as food stamps, free food, or reduced prices for food.

This means that the food pantry locations are mostly chosen by the clients. Income qualified clients can choose the food that is best for their family. There may be free groceries available for people who need them, including baby formula for infants, Ensure for senior citizens, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Some charities in Clark County Indiana may also deliver meals to the elderly and/or disabled that lack transportation to a store or pantry.

If you need food, try going to a food bank. They can provide you with food and other supplies. This could include items such as clothing, school supplies, soap, detergent, and household cleaners. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, many people donate food or money to those who are less fortunate.

The First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church is located at 201 National Avenue in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The main number for the church is 502-649-1773. The church has a food pantry that is open twice per month. If you have a low income, you can ask for help from the government or other organizations.

The Center For Lay Ministries is a food bank located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The main phone number for the food bank is 812-282-0063. The food bank offers a variety of programs, including Meals on Wheels, perishable food, canned groceries, and much more.

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It is located at 1732 Thames Drive, Clarksville, IN 47129, and the phone number is 502-413-0115. They focus on helping low income and struggling people in Clark County.

The Salvation Army of Southern Indiana is a nonprofit organization that provides food and other assistance to people in need. The organization has a main phone number that people can call to get referrals to local food pantries and soup kitchens. The Family Center also provides free Thanksgiving turkeys, Christmas toys, financial aid, shelter, and other programs. If you need help applying for benefits like food stamps (SNAP), we can assist you. There is also a place where you can donate clothes.

The Community Kitchen is a place where people in need can go to get a hot meal. It is located at 1611 Spring Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and the phone number to call for more information is 812-283-0808. Meals are served weekday mornings.

St. Luke’s United Church of Christ is a food pantry that is open only on Saturdays. The address is 329 Walnut Street, Jeffersonville, IN 47130, and the main phone number is 812-282-3383.

Revelation Tabernacle is a church located in New Albany, Indiana. The church provides various services to the community, including support for Clark County.

There are agencies in Clark County that help people connect with local resources. This means that there are many different ways that the government can help you financially, whether it’s through grants, loans, or other services. There are many community action agencies located throughout Indiana. These agencies provide a variety of services to residents, including assistance with housing, food, and other basic needs. Each agency is unique, so it is important to contact them directly to learn more about the services they offer.

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The North Clark Outreach Center is open one time per month at 240 Harrison Street in Charlestown, Indiana. For more information, call 812-256-2633. Other food items that may be offered are soup, cereal, and pasta. For more information, please call 502.966.3821. There are many programs that can help families get food, including SNAP food stamps, local pantries, and USDA commodities.

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