Assistance Program

Clarke County assistance programs.

Rent, housing, utility, and mortgage help

The Action Inc. agency helps those who are low income, unemployed, or working poor in the Athens and Clarke County Georgia community. This program is designed to help low-income individuals and families with food assistance. The Fresh Start program offers food assistance to low-income individuals and families. The Georgia Fresh Start assistance program is an initiative that is offered to provide a one-time emergency crisis assistance payment of $3000 for qualified families to pay past-due utilities, rent, mortgage and/or shelter expenses. To reach someone by phone, dial their number. In this case, the number is (706) 546-8293.

You should always call the local Athens Salvation Army branch at (706) 543-5350. The Salvation Army is a place where people can go for financial help to pay for things such as utility bills and rent. They may also have money available to give to people in need.

This is an organization in Georgia that helps with finding information on how to pay bills, including for housing needs. Families who are in danger of being evicted can get help from emergency services. There are programs to help veterans, like the SSVF, as well as permanent support housing options like low income apartments. There are also grants available to help with things like a security deposit or back rent. Most of the financial aid in Clarke County is only available from referrals. If you need more information about community services, please call our hotline.

Credit, debt, and mortgage help

is an American company Totally Free, Inc. is an American company that offers free shipping on all of its products. The company offers a wide variety of financial counseling and advice services. The organization offers many services such as help to prevent Foreclosure, Budget Counseling, Credit Counseling, Housing Counseling, Credit Card debt Negotiation, First Time Home Buyer, Review Mortgage, Tips for raising credit scores, Individual Development Account Program, and information on Reverse Mortgages. Call the Athens, Georgia agency at 706-380-4732.

Food assistance, clothing, pantries, and other aid

There are several churches and non-profit organizations that help people in need in the Clarke County Georgia area. They can give out free food, clothes, or other types of help. The programs offered by each college will be different, so you will need to contact the school for more information. The agencies and charities are the organizations that help people in need.

The Athens Emergency Food Bank provides free food to people who are in need.

The Cornerstone Ministries can be reached by phone at 706-549-0000.

The East Athens Development Corporation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents of East Athens through economic development.

The New Covenant Worship Center provides free food to those in need up to once every six weeks. The Angel Food program provides food to people in need. They are a part of this program. They are located in Athens. The phone number is (706) 613-5232.

The Ebenezer Baptist Church is located at 706 549-3899.

Open Hearts Center, Inc. is a place where people can go to get help with whatever they need. They have a team of people who are ready and willing to help with anything that you need. You can give them a call at (706) 354-8566.

The First AME Church has a food pantry that is open to the public. The pantry is stocked with food donated by the church and community members. The pantry is open Mondays and Thursdays from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

Health care from a community clinic

If you cannot afford medical or doctor bills, try calling the Athens Neighborhood Health Center. The clinic may be able to provide patients with low-cost medical care for a variety of conditions.

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