Clearfield County assistance programs.

They offer residents several services and resources, including heating and utility bill assistance, housing services, case management, food services, employment and training, consumer information and referral, transportation services, and rental housing. Below are some of the programs they offer. You should contact them to learn more about what programs or resources they can offer you. Beaver St., Suite 201, State College, PA 16801 You can reach them by phone at (814) 765-1551, or by mail at 207 E. Beaver St., Suite 201, State College, PA 16801. The address is Cherry Street in Clearfield, Pennsylvania.

This program can help people with their rent payments. The money is supposed to help keep people from being kicked out of their homes. In some cases, grants can be used to pay for security deposits so that people can secure housing. The Central Pennsylvania Community Action Agency also manages the federal government’s Rapid Rehousing and Preventing Homelessness program. The HPRP is designed to provide services and assistance to households who are in danger of becoming homeless. The goal is to prevent evictions and additional homelessness. If you are homeless, there is still aid available to you. The program will also help you to find housing quickly. The program offers several services. The program will currently provide assistance with rent, case management, budget credit counseling, utility bills, moving expenses, and free legal services and counseling.

The Dollar Energy Fund is a nonprofit organization that has been providing utility bill assistance to low- to middle-income households in Pennsylvania since 1983. They have agreements and partnerships with fourteen electric, gas, and water utility companies throughout the state and they provide approximately 15,000 utility hardship grants to low-income families throughout the state every year.

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This is a government-funded program that provides low-income families with assistance for energy costs. It offers various resources and services to help with energy bills and expenses. Crisis grants are available for families in need of financial assistance in the event of an emergency. The main aim of the grant is to make sure that people can afford to heat their homes. Emergency situations are when your heating equipment isn’t working, your utility service is going to be shut off, you’re running out of heating oil, or you don’t have enough fuel.

The Weatherization Assistance Program is a federally funded program that helps low income families and individuals reduce their energy bills. The assistance is mostly for people who use a lot of energy as well as those who are low income, elderly, or have a disability. This means that the program will cover the costs of any energy-saving improvements made to your home by contractors. These improvements could include adding insulation, sealing air leaks, or upgrading heating and cooling systems.

The Emergency Food and Shelter Program provides financial assistance to households and individuals to help pay for limited metered utility services, including gas, water, electricity and sewer service. The program also provides non-metered assistance for oil, firewood and coal.

The CPCA community action agency is responsible for ten food pantries that operate throughout Clearfield County and eight locations in Centre County. The food pantry provides food for people who are in need. They offer emergency and supplemental food, as well as food stamp application assistance and other nutritional assistance.

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Central Pennsylvania Community Action Agency offers all of the resources noted above. The number to reach the main phone line is (814) 765-1551. This sentence is asking for someone to rephrase a previous statement in their own words.

If you are in need of help, you can always contact JCCAP, as they are one of the leading non-profits. The agency can offer various solutions to people who are unemployed, seniors, or qualified low income families. The Emergency Shelter and Rental Assistance Project may offer grants to help pay for rent, utility bills, or security deposits. The non-profit can also help with food and job seekers in Clearfield County.

Case managers from JCCAP can help you connect with resources and programs in the community. They can help low income families apply for government aid such as SNAP food stamps or support those with a disability through the SSDI benefit application process. This means that there is a lot more that the company can provide. What they are doing is important. The Community Action Clearfield is doing something important.

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