Coconino County assistance programs.

The following is a list of places where you can go for help from non-profit agencies, charities, community action agencies, and other sources. If you need help with paying your rent, getting food, or paying your utility bills, you can get help from a foreclosure counselor.

Food and household products

This agency provides food boxes for families, information on government assistance programs in Arizona, and referrals to local agencies and non-profits. To call the number 214-9050, dial it on your phone.

Cedar Closet is a low-cost clothing store that also provides free clothing to people in need through agency referrals.

The Flagstaff Family Food Center is a place where people can go to get hot meals and food. Call 774-3188

Goodwill Industries provides free or discounted food, lunches, and emergency vouchers for clothing and household supplies. They also have a one-stop career center to help people find a job.

The Northern Arizona Food Bank provides emergency food boxes, disaster services, and a heating program to low-income individuals, the working poor, and the elderly in Coconino County.

St. Mary’s Food Bank provides emergency food assistance to those in need who have a DES referral. The DES referral number is 779-7066.

Other charities also provide food and related items. In addition to information on SNAP food stamps, free holiday meals, and more, Flagstaff area families may also receive information on how to access these resources. Many food pantries have connections to government programs that can provide financial assistance for food or other expenses. This is an example of a run-on sentence. This happens when two independent clauses are connected without any punctuation. To fix this, you can add a comma before the coordinating conjunction or split the sentence into two separate sentences.

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Foreclosure prevention in Coconino and Flagstaff Arizona

BOTHANDS is a non-profit organization that can help you. There are programs that can help with buying a home, such as providing information and financial assistance. Also, you can work with a housing counselor to get free foreclosure prevention counseling and resources. There are a number of options available to those struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments. Mediation and loan modification are two such options. Learning about what is available and how it can help can ease some of the burden and stress of a difficult financial situation. To find additional Arizona foreclosure programs, call 214-7456.

Rent and utility help, eviction prevention, and other programs

Flagstaff area Catholic Charities provides assistance programs for low income and other struggling individuals. The Department of Human Services provides financial assistance to prevent evictions, help with utility and cooling bills, and free food and lunches. The PATH program helps people who are homeless by providing them with resources and support. The Seattle Department of Human Services provides resources and assistance to those who are homeless or near homeless. This includes financial aid, emergency supplies, thrift store vouchers, and information on local services and non-profits. Additionally, the department provides additional services for homeless and near homeless individuals. Please call 774-9125 for more information.

The Salvation Army is a religious organization that provides financial assistance and other services to people in need. Services offered by the Salvation Army include food, drug counseling, meals, shelter, and more. The Flagstaff region and county offer various programs that provide free emergency food boxes or hot meals. There may be financial assistance for emergency utility bills, free or discounted clothing and furniture vouchers, rental assistance, and other Christmas gifts or school supplies, depending on funding. Call the Salvation Army in Flagstaff at 774-1403. Coconino County Salvation Army assistance programs provide help to residents in need. Services include food assistance, rent and utility assistance, and clothing assistance.

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NACOG is a organization that helps people in Coconino County and the city of Flagstaff. The non-profit provides the following: However, their main focus is on helping people become self-sufficient and giving them a “hand up.”

The Workforce Investment Act provides assistance for people who are looking for employment. The staff at the center help people who are unemployed to find new jobs and develop new skills.

Tenants and homeowners can seek professional advice and guidance from an organization or individual specializing in such services. The government may offer free help to those facing foreclosure or eviction, such as financial assistance or emergency housing. The homeless can also get help with paying for a security deposit.

Other resources from NACOG include the federal government weatherization program (which helps low-income households with energy-saving improvements to their homes), utility bill assistance from LIHEAP (a federal program that helps low-income households pay their energy bills), government SNAP food stamps (which help low-income households buy food), and benefits such as Head Start (which helps prepare low-income children for school). If you want to keep getting help from the Northern Arizona Community Action Council, you need to keep participating in their programs.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society helps people in need by providing them with things like food, money for utility bills and rent, medication, and transportation. Call the number 774-6511

Coconino County Community Services helps with things like mortgage and rental payments, utility bills, hotel and motel costs, food, transportation, and prescriptions for seniors. They also provide referrals to government programs at the federal and state level.

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A number of emergency assistance, employment, and social services are administered by the Navajo Nation in Flagstaff. The majority of the resources are part of the Self Reliance Program and also need Work Participation. In order to receive cash assistance from LIHEAP, clients must apply and be approved. Once approved, they will receive a certain amount of money that can be used to help with housing expenses. Other programs include free food, clothing, and information on government assistance programs. There may be other needs that can be met in Coconino County. More programs for the Navajo Nation.

Health and medical care

Call the North Country Community Health Center at 213-6100 if you need help. The clinic offers medical, dental and behavioral services at reduced prices depending on a person’s ability to pay.

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