Coles County IL assistance programs.

There are several organizations in Charleston, Illinois that offer financial assistance, free items, social services, and more. There are many different types of assistance available in Coles County, including help with rent, utilities, mortgages, and basic needs like food and clothing. If you need more information, please find it below. If you need more information, it can be found below.

Several different services and assistance programs are offered by Catholic Charities of Coles, Douglas & Edgar Co. They provide assistance to those who are struggling financially, immigrants, single mothers and others. There are programs that can help people get prescription drugs for free or at a low cost. MedAssist is one of these programs. Catholic Charities provides information about and referrals to government programs such as TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) or food stamps.

Families in Coles County can also go to the Blessings Food Pantry or thrift store, or apply for financial assistance to help pay for expenses like rent and utilities. There are also programs to help children who are in foster care. There are also opportunities for families to adopt or volunteer. The center may offer direct financial assistance for needs such as energy/heating bills or medical expenses in a crisis, although it is more limited. To get more information on assistance programs offered by Coles County Catholic Charities, you can either call them at 217-235-0420, or read more about them online.

The Charleston Area Churches Food Pantry provides food items to be used in meal preparation, runs a food pantry, and provides support to persons determined to be in need of help. Their phone number is (217) 328-3030. The aid is offered for a limited time only.

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The Eastern Illinois Foodbank partners with other agencies to acquire, warehouse and distribute quantities of food, groceries and other essentials to clients in a network of partnership agencies and churches, including agencies in Coles County Illinois. Please call (217) 328-3663.

The Embarras River Basin Agency, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Embarras River Basin in Illinois. This is a group that helps people in the local Charleston and Coles County area with things such as food, housing, and other needs. To reach someone by telephone at either of these two numbers: (217) 923-5155 or (618) 395-2714. ERBA is a non-profit organization that helps low-income citizens with things like grants, assistance programs, and other resources.

The ERBA community action agency provides services and administers grants to low income as well others in need of help. The ERBA community action agency provides services and administers grants to low income individuals and families as well as others in need of help. Some examples of case management are emergency assistance, support services, and resource coordination. The focus is on providing immediate relief as well as long term support.

There is financial assistance available in Coles County. The government provides a variety of financial assistance programs to help low-income families with their housing and utility bills. These apartments or homes have affordable rent rates due to the subsidy from the government. There are also emergency funds available for paying rent or a security deposit for permanent housing. During the winter months, heating bill applications are processed by EBRA. The community action agency also helps with self-sufficiency. The organization offers workforce development programs and can connect residents with training and job opportunities. Some additional financial aid may be available to cover the cost of work supplies, such as clothing or transportation. Embarras River Basin Agency also operates in other towns in Illinois, such as Charleston. This may include food, clothing, diapers, and other necessary items. They may be able to receive winter clothing, such as hats, coats, mittens, etc. In addition to providing special requests for underprivileged Mattoon students in emergency situations, when other sources of income or aid are unavailable, the Mattoon School District will also work with the student’s family to provide additional resources. They offer a winter shelter, meals, and other resources for people who are struggling. To access these resources, people can call either of the two numbers provided. They may be able to assist individuals and families with free food, rent help, utilities, prescriptions, gasoline, heating and water bills, without considering the applicant’s gender, race or religious affiliation. The Mattoon Community Food Center provides emergency and supplemental free food to qualifying low-income families, the working poor, unemployed, and others who are struggling and need assistance in Mattoon, Lerna, and Humboldt. Please call 217-258-8321.

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