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Coles, Douglas, Edgar County Catholic Charities assistance programs.

The resources that Catholic Charities administers are varied. Many families in the area, who are either low income or working poor, receive support from this organization every year. This includes families in Coles and Douglas County. This can include helping people with everyday tasks, getting food and other necessities, and more.

There are places in Springfield, Alton, Effingham, and Granite City Illinois where you can get your basic needs like food and shelter. If you or your family is in a difficult situation, the Catholic Charity organization can help you become more independent and may also provide temporary financial assistance. Case managers work with families who are struggling to find a solution.

The assistance you receive will vary depending on your needs and situation, but could include case management, guidance, referral, and advocacy. Some of the basic needs that can be provided for people in need include things like clothes, food, help with bills for things like rent and utilities. During the holidays, special food baskets, toys, and gifts may be offered. This may include Christmas. The people who work at crisis centers are trained to help people who are in a crisis situation.

No matter which county you live in, the staff and volunteers from each church or Catholic Charity center are knowledgeable and offer referrals about services provided by other non-profit agencies and government institutions in each area.

Catholic Charities will work closely with groups across Edgar and Douglas County to help them find and apply for the best solutions. If an applicant requests a service from the agency that is not offered, staff from the charity will connect them with a nearby agency, church or facility that can help with those services or need. The staff at the library are knowledgeable about Illinois state government programs, federal resources, and other topics. The organization is proud of the amount of knowledge they have on the different resources and government programs that operate in the area.

There are programs that provide food and meals for those who are struggling with hunger. This support provides assistance to residents of Springfield, Alton, Carlinville, Effingham, Decatur, Mattoon, and Quincy. Many families, including children, have difficulty accessing food on a regular basis. Catholic Charities’ primary goal is to help families in need, whenever possible and resources are available. For people of all ages who are hungry, solutions can be found. The food and supplies at the food pantry can help with the immediate hunger problem and also find a long term solution for the family.

Each food box or meal served provides one third of the federal nutritional recommended daily allowance for an individual. The calorie intake they recommend is one-third. We need your help to keep this program going. Please donate food, time, or money if you can. The Catholic Charity pantries need groceries and fresh food.

Meal times are not always the same. Sometimes meals are served earlier or later than usual. Food pantries that are run by Catholic Charities offer speciality foods for those with dietary needs. There are several types of special diets that can be followed, depending on the person’s needs. Some common examples are low-sodium, low-fat, diabetic, bland, and renal diets. The agency typically serves meals that include meat, fruits, vegetables, breads and other items, such as dessert.

This organization also offers Meals on Wheels. The United Way and Salvation Army work closely together on this program. Other organizations that support home-delivered meals include the United States Department of Agriculture, the Office of Rehabilitation Services, and the Illinois Department on Aging. The items may be delivered to people who cannot leave their homes, senior citizens, disabled people, and others.

The main Catholic Charities of Coles, Douglas and Edgar Counties is located at 4217 Dewitt Avenue, Mattoon, Illinois 61938-6620. To reach someone by phone, dial (217) 235-0420.

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