Colorado East Community Action Agency.

Colorado East Community Action Agency provides programs to assist with energy and heating bills, help seniors, and offer referrals. The non-profit community action agency helps people who live in Elbert, Cheyenne, Lincoln, and Kit Carson counties. Case managers work with clients over an extended period of time to help them achieve personal goals and become more independent. There may be other help available for short-term bills in an emergency situation.

Most of the help with utility and heating bills is available through Energy Outreach Colorado. The non-profit organization processes applications and for those that qualify, up to one grant can be paid out per year. To reach customer service, please call 719-775-8586.

Financial aid that runs from October through September is available for low income clients who have already used up their LEAP funding for the year. This can help households save money on heating bills and costs.

There are a few different types of assistance that are offered to seniors. The Colorado East Community Action Agency has staff who are certified by the State Health Insurance Assistance Program and Senior Medicare Patrol. These counselors can provide information and help with problems related to health insurance and Medicare. They may be able to help people sign up for Medicare part D, which is a program offered by the federal government. The customer service representatives can answer questions about medical bills and other parts of the Medicare program. The non-profit will help people with Medicare and fraud issues by giving them information and referrals, and by speaking to groups about these topics.

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The Colorado East Community Action Agency (CECAA) offers general outreach services. The agency helps families in counties like Cheyenne and Kit Carson, and many families use the agency’s services. Program facilitators reach out to clients in their own communities through settings such as public libraries, senior meal sites, or community centers. If necessary, they will also provide services in clients’ homes.

The VITA program offers free tax help to low- to moderate-income (generally, $54,000 and below) people who cannot prepare their own tax returns. IRS certified tax preparers can help you prepare your federal and state taxes. Mobile tax clinics are available in the four counties of its service area. For more information, please call (719)-775-8586.

Some years, free income tax preparation was provided to hundreds of low income families and seniors. This allowed them to get their taxes done for free. They have received a lot of money in refunds. The tax clinics in Limon, Colorado remain open by appointment throughout the entire year. This service is offered and paid for by grants from Colorado Department of Local Affairs as well as the federal Community Services Block Grant.

There are ways to overcome barriers to employment. The goal of the Colorado East Community Action Agency is to help people become more stable and employed so they can earn a higher income. The non-profit has provided money to low income and unemployed clients to help them get jobs.

One of the main things that the CECAA does is run the NU2U Thrift Store, which provides basic necessities for people in need. The museum is located on 219 “E” Avenue in Limon, Colorado and is open most days of the week. This means that you can buy good quality used things like clothes and books for cheap prices. The staff not only provides referrals and advice, but also helps connect people to other available assistance in the region.

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If you are able to donate items, please do so. They can be taken to the thrift store where they are then sold to the public. The money that is raised is used to pay for programs that offer assistance. This means that if you need clothing, you can ask a local outreach worker, pastor, school or county official, and they may be able to help you get what you need.

The Colorado East Community Action Agency is a resource located at 224 1/2 Nebraska Avenue in Stratton, Colorado. They offer help and assistance to those in need and their P.O. Box 416 address is where you can send any correspondence. To contact the customer service department of a company, dial 719-348-5303.

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