Food Pantries

Columbia food pantries and free food banks in Richland County.

If a family has a low income, they might be able to get free food from a food pantry. The centers are focused on helping Richland County residents who are facing a financial hardship in the short term. A family in need of long-term support or access to government programs can be referred to SNAP food stamps or other benefits, such as free vouchers from WIC.

The locations in Columbia as well as the county also work with other services such as soup kitchens or Meals on Wheels from Agency on Aging centers. Other support may include financial help for bills or clothing. Many places that provide food also give out free turkeys for Thanksgiving or serve Christmas meals to those who need it in Richland County. This means that there are many organizations that can help people who do not have a lot of money.

Most food banks will not turn away anyone who needs food. The locations are trying to find a way to help families who are facing hunger. If a Richland County free pantry can’t help with an emergency, they will provide information about other programs that might be able to help.

The Catholic Charities of the Midlands provides support to immigrants, single mothers, and families in the form of resources and services. The organization is located at 1427 Pickens Street in Columbia, South Carolina, and can be reached by phone at (855) 377-1357. The food pantry provides free food as well as Christmas meals and other help.

The Cooperative Ministry is a charity located in Richland County, South Carolina. The organization’s main address is 3821 W Beltline, Columbia, SC 29204, and its telephone number is (803) 799-3853. Families who are struggling to make ends meet can use the food bank to help get by. Other aid includes free baby formula, diapers, a Meals on Wheels service, and educational support for people threatened with poor nutrition. This allows people to have their basic needs met so they can focus on other areas of their lives. The food bank also provides educational workshops on nutrition and offers assistance with applying for SNAP food benefits. To find out more about assistance programs from Cooperative Ministry, go to their website or give them a call.

We care about you and your medical needs. Our location is Chapin, SC and our telephone number is (803) 345-3244.

The Church of Christ on Sunset Boulevard provides a food pantry and soup kitchen for those in need. Volunteers may give out free groceries, vegetables, bread, meat, and other food items.

Pilgrim’s Inn offers a variety of services to help those in need, including a place to stay and a food pantry. This means that if you qualify for food assistance through the SNAP program or the South Carolina state program, you may also be eligible for referral assistance.

The Richland County Salvation Army provides free groceries and many other services. For more information, call (803) 765-0260. The thrift store has clothes, food, and presents for Christmas, as well as financial assistance. The non-profit helps people who are poor and have to work to survive. In addition to academic support, they also provide assistance with finding a job, Thanksgiving dinner, and summer snacks for students.

The Hope Community Learning Center is a school in Columbia, South Carolina. The address is 1234 St. Andrews RD, and the phone number is (803) 451-2139.

The Harvest Hope Food Bank is a location where people can go to get food. The food bank is located at 2220 Shop Road in Columbia, South Carolina. The phone number for the food bank is 803-254-4432. referrals are given out at the food bank. They collaborate with organizations that assist single mothers and immigrants, food pantries and soup kitchens operated by local churches, and the USDA commodity program.

The Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church has a food bank that is open from Monday to Thursday, 8:30am to 2:00pm. The church is located at 1005 Asbury Drive, Columbia, South Carolina 29209. The telephone number for the church is (803) 691-1622. The church and parish provide food for those in need in the local community.

There is a food and clothing bank at this location. If you are in a crisis, you can get a free bag of food with non-perishable goods once every three months. We need your donations.

This is the address for Supreme Outreach in South Carolina.

The food bank is located at 1831 Pendleton Street in Columbia, SC. You can call them at 803-771-6359 for more information.

The Washington Street Soup Kitchen offers a free hot meal to those who are low income or homeless. This includes a Turkey at Thanksgiving or holiday food.

The church is located on 1529 Assembly Street in Columbia, South Carolina. The pantry phone number is 803-779-0036. The church relies on volunteers. There is a variety of food available, such as rice, cereal, milk, and dairy products.

Free breakfast is available at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Soup Kitchen on Sunday mornings.

There are other food resources available such as the Emergency Food Assistance Program – TEFAP as well as surplus USDA Commodities. There are food pantries located throughout Richland that provide assistance to low income families. For more information, call 803.254.4432.

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