Community clinics in Hampden County Massachusetts.

Community clinics and health centers in Hampden County and Springfield Massachusetts may provide free or low cost medical or dental care to patients in the region. The health centers offer a variety of medical and dental care services for adults, children and women in the community. Many of the programs are designed to help low-income people and people without health insurance.

Most clinics offer medical bills at different rates, and some offer a sliding scale for payment. This means that Hampden County residents will not have to pay more than they can afford for their medical and hospital bills. This means that if someone is poor or doesn’t have any health insurance, they may be able to get medical or dental care for free.

Some of the primary care services that are offered include: Internal medicine, free prescriptions, pediatrics, family primary care, dental care, eye care, outpatient services, and specialty medicine. For more information, please contact your local community clinic.

Baystate Brightwood Health Center is a medical center located at 380 Plainfield Street in Springfield, Massachusetts. The center offers an onsite pharmacy and a sliding fee scale for people who are struggling with paying their medical bills.

The Baystate Mason Square Neighborhood Health Center is located at 11 Wilbraham Road in Springfield, MA. The phone number to dial for appointments is (413) 794-3710.

This health and dental center has two locations in Hampden County, Massachusetts. They offer a variety of services such as primary care, dental care, behavioral health, and more. They accept Medicaid, MassHealth, and private insurance. -There are a few things listed below- -The things listed below are a few of many- -The following are a few examples- This means that people have the right to go to a doctor and get basic checkups, referrals, immunizations, and other medical services without having to worry about not being able to afford it. If you need help from a specialist, the staff at this medical center can refer you to the right person.

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The Holyoke Health Center provides a variety of social services to the community. If you need assistance, please call the health center at (413) 420-2222. There are a lot of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals working at this site, and some of them are volunteering their time and services.

The clinic is located at the high school and its phone number is (800) 286-8221. Some basic health care services are offered at this clinic. There are some free services available for low income people, the unemployed, and others.

The Open Pantry Community Services, Inc. is a community center located at 287 State Street in Springfield, Massachusetts. The center provides various services to the community and can be contacted at (413) 737-7062.

The Sisters of Providence Health System is a Catholic organization that provides health care and other services to the community. It is located in Springfield, Massachusetts, and its phone number is (413) 748-9064.

The Department of Health and Human Services in Springfield, MA provides residents with access to a variety of health and dental care programs. To learn more about what services are available, please call (413) 787-6744. The Department of Transitional Assistance can help connect individuals to federal and state health care options, such as Medicaid and Medicare. The government office is responsible for administering other social services as well.

The Wing Memorial Hospital and Medical Centers are located at 2 Main Street in Monson, Massachusetts, 01057. The main phone number for the hospital is (413) 267-9101. There is also a second health care center/clinic located at 34 Hubbard Street in Ludlow, MA, 01056, which can be reached at (413) 589-0583.

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