Community Services Division – The Multnomah County Department of Human Services.

There are community action agencies in Multnomah County Oregon that provide services from the Department of Human Services, Community Services Division. They help with things like emergency rent, heating bills, and shelters, as well as other support.

A focus of this organization is to help those who are homeless and to prevent others from becoming homeless in Portland Oregon and throughout the county. The agency and its staff focus on resolving concerns for families, youth, and even seniors.

Short term housing (transitional and homeless shelters) in Multnomah County

A center in Portland, Oregon provides safety services and support for homeless families with children during the winter months from November through March. Guests are provided with accommodation and information on local case management resources.

Transitional housing for teen parents is a place where they can live while they get their lives back on track. This housing is usually provided by the government or a nonprofit organization, and it is usually free or very low cost. Transitional housing can help teen parents stay in school, keep their jobs, and get their lives back on track. It will also give them time and opportunity to address barriers to being able to take care of themselves in the long term.

If you child has run away from home and is 17 or younger, social workers from community services can help you with family mediation, crisis intervention, or reunification services. Please call the number 503.233.8111. The Runaway Youth Services provides a safe place for kids who have run away from home, as well as support for their families. They offer a 24/7 reception center, crisis line, shelter, and gender-specific transitional housing services. Their goal is to help these kids get back on their feet and find a safe and stable place to live.

The Multnomah County housing administration provides public resources to expand affordable housing and infrastructure in low and moderate income communities. The state uses funds from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and the Affordable Housing Development Program (AHDP) to improve communities. The program also provides loans for home improvement.

The Bridges to Housing initiative is not just for the people who will be living in the new housing units – it is also for the entire region. The initiative is expected to create new jobs and help revitalize the local economy. The homeless can find help here. These services provide support to people in need, by offering affordable housing and childcare, as well as intensive case management. This allows people to get the help they need to improve their situation.

This program is for homeless families from the county who have no permanent place to live, use a lot of county-funded services, and have at least one child under eighteen. They may also interact with several service systems at the same time and have serious long term barriers that exclude them from housing.

There are many apartments and units located in Multnomah County and Portland. Families who meet the qualifications for the Bridges to Housing program may also be eligible for help with part of their rent or security deposit.

If you are in a crisis, such as a medical emergency, you may be able to get free hotel or motel vouchers. This resource is not common. It often depends on how much money the federal government or state governments are willing to provide. It will be for a limited number of houses in the Portland area. If you cannot find a way to get free motel vouchers from national or local charities, look for other ways to get them online.

Emergency financial help from Community Services Division

The weatherization program helps income-eligible residents of Multnomah County expand their household budgets by reducing their annual utility bills with a focus on heating costs. The program helps people save energy by providing insulation, heating, free electrical repairs, and other services.

The type of services performed will vary depending on different circumstances. For example, contractors might repair or replace furnaces for homeowners, but they would not replace heating systems in landlord-owned rental properties. The complex also offers limited plumbing repairs to residents, but does not provide plumbing repairs for mobile homes. In rental residences, the landlord must give permission for all work to be done.

Other home repairs may be completed through the Community Services Division’s Enhanced Plumbing Program. The City of Portland created this program to help homeowners with their water bill. Services that may be covered include fixing a leaky faucet, replacing a toilet, and repairing leaks in pipes that are under pressure. To get more information, call the Multnomah County Department of Human Services at (503) 988-7423.

Emergency Short Term Rent Assistance, or ESTRA, provides financial assistance for housing costs (up to 2 years at most) to households in Multnomah County Oregon who are facing eviction or homelessness. Applicants must be currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The non-profit HOME Forward runs the STRA program. The program is designed to help individuals or families who are threatened by homelessness in the region.

The program provides support to prevent evictions and assistance with permanent housing, as well as in rare cases emergency hotel/motel vouchers for temporary shelter. There are also services to help you find a place to live, and to mediate between you and your landlord if there are any disagreements.

Apply for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program at the Oregon Department of Human Services, Community Services Division. The LIEAP free grant program in Oregon provides income eligible households with financial assistance to help pay for rising home energy costs. This means that if your household earns less than 60% of what the average Oregonian household earns, you may qualify for help through this program.

Benefits from the LIHEAP program are given to clients based on when they applied for the program, not on how much they need the benefits. The community action staff also provide support and assistance to seniors, families with disabilities, and families with children aged 5 and under.

The Department of Human Services can help connect families with other programs that can assist with utility bills. Many water, electric, and heating providers in the state offer some benefits. The staff can help you with any questions you may have about your energy provider and can also help you find programs that may help you with utility bills in Oregon.

If you are a young person who is homeless and in need of a place to stay, you can call 503.432.3986 for help. The Department of Human Services, Community Services Division Homeless Youth Continuum is designed to help youth who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to lead safe and healthy lives and become productive members of the community. The services offered include a 24-hour emergency and short-term shelter, transitional housing, access to an assessment center, and related social support services.

Some homeless families are able to receive help in the form of shelter, emergency housing, or transitional housing. Clients can also get help finding permanent housing. A key part of helping homeless families is providing a winter shelter program.

Applying for Community Service programs and benefits

Other benefits and assistance programs can be found and used as well. The Community Services Division is located at 421 SW Oak Street, Suite 200, Portland, OR 97204-1623. The phone number is (503) 988-6295.

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