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Community Services League assistance programs Kansas City.

The Community Services League provides services such as case management, emergency assistance, and job placement. These services are designed to help individuals in need. The agency provides assistance to less fortunate, poor, and low income families in the Kansas City Missouri area. The staff is committed to helping as many qualified families as possible.

The Family Center is a non-profit that helps low income households in the area. They use a strength-based case management approach. The staff and volunteers from the agency understand that each family and person seeking help is different, and each has different needs. They offer a variety of assistance programs to meet those needs. The services they offer include things like social services, general information, referrals, and links to other community agencies or churches in the Kansas City area. The programs offered by the organization include free food and nutrition assistance, free holiday programs, educational programming, tax preparation, housing and utility bill assistance, and much more.

Financial help, literacy and case management from Community Services League

The CSL case management process helps clients who are struggling with poverty and hunger by connecting them with programs that can help them improve their situation. We want to help you by giving you a hand, not by giving you something for free. The charity’s goal is to help the client become financially stable and prosperous.

Emergency Assistance provides support to low-income or working families as they strive to become economically self-sufficient. This journey begins with creating a program that will help stabilize their situation, so they can eventually become financially independent.

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A few days’ worth of food and nutrition may be provided, as well as applications to SNAP food stamps and similar benefits. The food will contain a certain percentage of the recommended daily nutrients. Some other aspects of this organization include referring people in need to local food banks, churches, soup kitchens, and pantries. The school partners with the East Missouri Action Agency to help with this activity.

The Emergency Food and Shelter Program – EFSP provides assistance with rent and mortgage payments. The federal government provides funding to Community Services League, which allows them to offer emergency assistance with rent or mortgage payments, to help people avoid losing their homes to eviction or foreclosure.

When someone is behind on their mortgage payments or is in danger of foreclosure, the staff at the organization work with their bank or lender to try and help them. The nonprofit will also help the homeowner with financial counseling and education, and getting alternative housing and paying the security deposit on it, if foreclosure can’t be avoided.

There may be grants available to help Kansas families with their utility or heating bills. The cash grants can help individuals with paying utility bills and assist those facing termination of services.

Seasonal assistance is free school supplies and uniforms. There are also free Christmas meals and gifts or presents for children. There are partnerships with other groups in Kansas City such as Coats for Kids, Kiwanis Club holiday party for children, the Angel Tree, and many others.

The non-profit provides HUD-Certified Housing Counselor services to those who are homeless or at risk. The services listed above can help clients in a variety of ways, including budgeting, repairing their credit, and finding affordable housing. To find out more about free HUD counseling in Missouri, please visit their website.

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Work Express is a program that helps people find jobs and get training. The Community Services League helps people who are unemployed or underemployed to find stable work. coaches and advisers work with clients to help them make the transition into stable work. The assistance provided by the company includes help with writing resumes, practicing interview skills, job training, providing equipment, free work clothes, temporary transportation, and referrals to federal one stop centers in Missouri.

Free hygiene supplies and healthcare services

The Community Services League is working with Kansas City’s Medicine Cabinet to provide eyeglasses, free prescription medications, hearing aids, and other non-emergency medical services. They also have information about medical and dental clinics in Kansas City and Jackson County.

This will offer free diapers and baby supplies to low income parents and single moms in Kansas City. There are even programs that give baby cribs for free.

Locations of Community Service Leagues

The offices are located in Jackson, Platte, Clay, and Cass counties. There are programs to help low income families, the unemployed, and people who are struggling. The Community Services League has several locations throughout the area. – Some things that may be important to consider when thinking about a problem are: -What are the consequences of this problem? -Who is affected by this problem? -What are some potential solutions to this problem?

Wabash Ave The main office of the company is located at 404 N. Wabash Ave. Noland Rd. in Independence, MO is home to the 816-254-4100 phone number.

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Broadway This is the address of the 207 W. Broadway building. The address is Walnut Street, Grain Valley, Missouri, 64029 and the telephone number is 816-355-0328.

31st Street, Tulsa, OK Christ United Methodist Church is a community center located at 14506 E. 31st Street, Tulsa, OK. The address is 39th St. South, Independence, MO 64055 and the telephone number is 816-254-8209

Figueroa The 1001 S. Figueroa is a building in Los Angeles, California. The address is 816-249-5820 on Sibley Street in Buckner, MO 64016

Figueroa Street The address 800 S. Figueroa Street refers to a location on Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, California. The address is Hardy Avenue in Independence, Missouri, and the phone number is 816-254-0446.


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