Assistance Program

Conway and Faulkner Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army of Conway and Faulkner County Arkansas can help you with food, money, or holiday assistance. If they can’t help you, they will refer you to someone who can. The centers can also help people who live in nearby areas, such as Van Buren County or Cleburne County.

Food and clothing assistance means that someone will give you food and clothes if you need them. The Salvation Army provides bags of nonperishable food and meals to families and seniors in need through its food pantry and soup kitchens. Some volunteers may also spend time cooking and delivering meals to people who are unable to leave their homes, such as the elderly and disabled. If you are in need of clothing or supplies for work or school, you can visit your local Social Services Office during normal business hours. Some schools provide students with back-to-school items like pencils and paper or Christmas presents.

Utility bill assistance may be offered for qualified individuals who meet certain criteria in Conway, Arkansas. Families who are struggling to make ends meet may be eligible for financial assistance to help pay for utilities like water, gas, and electricity. A focus is on helping during cold weather or hot weather. This is when people are most at risk if they do not have power.

The Salvation Army locations in Faulkner County and Conway can provide holiday cheer, gifts, toys, and meals. The Salvation Army in Conway will be accepting applications for Thanksgiving and Christmas assistance from Van Buren County, Cleburne, Faulkner, and Perry County residents in late October.

Christmas assistance is available for low-income families with children 12 and under. If someone needs help getting food for a holiday meal, they can apply for assistance.

Disaster assistance refers to the help and services that are offered to people who have been affected by a natural disaster. The agency is known for its effective and quick response to natural disasters, and has helped many people in different parts of the country. The Salvation Army is a disaster relief organization that helps people who have been affected by a disaster. Disaster Emergency Response Teams are groups of people who are trained to help with different aspects of a disaster, such as social services, food, and counseling.

There are three main phases to addressing a disaster: response, recovery, and mitigation. This is the stage where the agency provides immediate help and assistance to those affected by the disaster. This means that people who are good at helping others in difficult situations are quickly moved to where they are needed, with the resources they need to be effective.

The second stage of the emergency response plan is the Recovery Phase. This is when the focus shifts from rescue to recovery. The Salvation Army has locations where people can go to get supplies and donations. They are used to give water, food, and other needed supplies to those who were hurt by the event. If you are in a financial emergency, you may be eligible for assistance in the form of cash grants, social services, and casework.

Rebuilding is the third phase of the disaster relief process, during which people who were impacted by the disaster help local residents rebuild their lives. This is done with personalized family services, emotional support, and spiritual support.

The Salvation Army Conway Thrift Store acts as a middleman for gently used household appliances, furniture, clothing, automobiles and other items. They will either resell the item or accept it as a donation. The store is open to the public and offers high-quality everyday items at bargain prices to people of all income levels. All donations that are given to this company are able to be written off on taxes, and the money goes towards supporting different programs that the Salvation Army offers in different areas.

750 Carson Cove; Suite 106, Conway, AR 72034, dial 501-329-1712 is the address and phone number for the Salvation Army Conway Corps Social Services.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store on Court Street in Conway, Arkansas is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The telephone number for the store is 501-329-3158.

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